The CoolMini Is No PSL but You’ll Like It Even More

First things first – what is a PSL? You can’t know how much you like it if you don’t know what it is, after all. It is, of course, that staple of fall coffee, the pumpkin spice latté. If you didn’t squeal with excitement when your local baristas started offering this delight, who even are […]

Give the Glitter a Rest & Put Some Real “Sparkle” in Your Vajayjay

Vagina glitter is the new weird vaginal beautification trend. Maybe not quite as horrifying as putting wasps in your vajayjay, but weird nonetheless. We take a strong “don’t put glitter in your hoo-ha” stance. Here’s why you should steer clear of the vagina-sparkle fad and opt for something that will do a heck of a […]

If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn, Well, You’ve Got Problems

Liposuction is in high demand and there’s no shortage of doctors offering it at their practices. The problem with this is not all of them should be doing so. You really have to be discerning about where you get your plastic surgery. Cheap liposuction is never, ever a good idea. Case In Point: Barn Lipo […]

You Could Shiver Yourself Thinner — or There’s CoolSculpting®

Moving around a lot helps you burn calories, but literally shivering to lose fat? Apparently, there’s some research showing that shivering out in the cold could have some of the same benefits as exercising. It turns out that the hormones your body releases when you’re shaking from the cold are the same ones it produces […]

Is Your Booty Picture-Perfect for the “Cheeky Exploit” Trend?

If you haven’t scrolled through Instagram lately, you might be a bit behind on the latest photo trend involving…well, people’s behinds. Apparently there’s an account aptly named “Cheeky Exploits” that posts pictures of people around the world dropping their drawers and showing off their backsides against gorgeous backdrops in nature. Tell Me More Whether you’re […]

Does Liposuction Make Your Fat Pack Its Bags & Pop Up Someplace Else?

One of the most common questions that plastic surgeons hear about body contouring is whether or not their fat will come back after lipo. Somewhere along the line, many people have come to believe that if you get liposuction, you can expect to mysteriously see that fat pop up elsewhere on your body. Check out […]

Why CoolSculpting® Is a Fashionista’s Fave Accessory

When you find yourself needing a bigger size while shopping for this season’s must-have outfit, the obvious solution is to hunt down the next size up, right? After all, the only alternative would be to reshape your body and that’s not an option. Or is it? There’s a very good reason why Coolsculpting®, and the […]

Ladies, Potpourri Is NOT the “Improvement” Your Vajayjay Needs

We are all for self-improvement, even when it comes to your vajayjay. But there’s a line, and we think these herbal vagina detox balls have totally crossed it. Apparently little mesh bags full of herbs and blossoms aren’t just for making tea anymore. Now, you can put them inside your vagina! But, is this actually […]

The Tummy Tuck Belt Totally Works, Right? Yeah, Maybe Not

So you want a flatter tummy and think you have just the belt to do it? Well, the popular tummy tuck belt that you probably have in mind isn’t likely to give you the dramatic results you’re looking for, if any at all. Check out why these types of contraptions just flat out don’t work […]

Could Your Results Look Fake after a Tummy Tuck?

Since the last thing you want out of your tummy tuck is a fake-looking stomach, there are a few steps you should take to ensure the lovely, natural-looking results you’re after. And help prevent that creepy plastic Barbie doll look! 1. Go for Board Certification The quality of your tummy tuck is directly related to […]

These Tips Might Tighten Your Vajayjay… or You Could Just Try Geneveve™

Aging, childbirth or the genetic lottery left you with unfulfilled vajayjay dreams? If you yearn for tighter and more toned ladybits, you’ll find plenty of advice on how to get there. Of course, most of this advice is terrible and should not be listened to (yes, websites telling women to put strange objects in their […]

Gentlemen: Meet CoolSculpting®, Your Battle Buddy against Fat

Guys, let’s speak frankly. Our bodies do not always cooperate with our wishes, often despite our best efforts. You work out, you eat right (most of the time, at least). Yet, those unwanted bumps and bulges are giving you a serious case of dad-bod. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If you want to […]

Get Thee to the Gym! CoolSculpting® Won’t Prevent Weight Gain

CoolSculpting® will not magically make you immune to weight gain. Nothing does that. Sorry. The truth is that people who have had CoolSculpting can gain weight back just the same way anyone else gains unwanted weight. So while you won’t be seeing the fat cells destroyed during CoolSculpting again, other fat could show up to […]

Bad Habits to Ditch Before Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is amazing because it’s transformational. So it’s a great chance to grab life by the horns and transform your way out of a few bad habits. These are bad habits to ditch before plastic surgery even starts—but as long as you leave them behind at some point, we’re in business. Think about it […]

Could CoolSculpting® Give You an Hourglass Shape?

Marilyn Monroe? Check. Beyoncé? Absolutely. Don’t even get us started on Sophia Vergara. These ladies all embody that perfectly sexy hourglass figure. The only thing separating you from these gorgeous women (aside from fame and fortune) could be the right body contouring procedure. You can do all the crunches you want and never come close […]

You’re Feeling Foxy after Lipo, but Will Your Results Last?

So lipo happened, and then you looked in the mirror. Before you panic about seeing a weird body shape after liposuction, here are a few things you should know about your results. Hello, Swelling As amazing at it would be to magically see your full liposuction results as soon as you get home from your […]

Is There Really a Finger Test to Know If You Need a Tummy Tuck?

Having trouble deciding if a tummy tuck is right for you? It turns out that there may be a fingertip test to help you see if you have a complicated-sounding condition called diastasis recti and may be in need of a tummy tuck. Intrigued? Read on to learn more. Diastasis What? Diastasis recti is just […]

3 Ways to Hack Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Like a Boss

There are a ton of tummy tuck recovery tips out there, but if you want to hack your recovery like the boss that you are, there are a few more that you need to know to get the best results. Get Yourself Some Help Being a boss is hard work, and so is recovery from […]

3 Things You Didn’t Want to Know about CoolSculpting® but Should

CoolSculpting® sounds like the magic fat-erasing wand we’ve all been looking for, and, in many ways, it can be. But there are a few caveats to this procedure that you should know before signing yourself up. Take a look at these three biggies. 1. Your CoolSculpting® Results Can Take Time Depending on which areas of […]

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Put Wasps in Your Vajayjay

While it might seem like it goes without saying that you shouldn’t put crushed up wasp nests in your vagina, this outlandish new vaginal tightening craze is apparently picking up some speed. If the thought of letting wasps anywhere near your lady bits isn’t enough to scare you away from this faux-treatment, please, let me […]

O-Shot? Filler? Crotch Lift? The Vaginal Rejuvenation You Haven’t Tried

Do you want your vagina to look and feel great? Good. You should. Now don’t go having some ridiculous procedure that doesn’t work in an effort to achieve better orgasms, better-looking genitals or comfort from a lax vagina. There are a lot of treatments on the market that don’t work. Here’s what to avoid and […]

What Your Belly Button May Be Trying to Tell You

Interestingly enough, more and more women are requesting cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of their belly buttons. But the fact of the matter is that the saggy belly button you’re dealing with after pregnancy might be a smaller indication that it could be time for a tummy tuck. Here’s what you should know. When […]

Could Shaking Your New Booty on the Dance Floor Hurt Your BBL?

So you’ve had your Brazilian butt lift and now you’re ready to head to the club and flaunt your new booty on the dance floor. But before you get too jiggy with it, you might want to take a look at these tips for a smooth BBL recovery. Keep the Rump-Shaking to a Minimum As […]

You Can Have a Baby after a Tummy Tuck, but Should You?

There are a lot of things you can do, but probably shouldn’t. Like expressing your love for tropical birds through your fashion choices. Or using plastic surgery to fix your mommy issues. What about having a baby after you’ve had a tummy tuck? Where does that fall on the “can but shouldn’t” spectrum? Babies Don’t […]

That Shot for Your G-Spot? Probably Not Worth the Hype

Your love interest having trouble finding your G-spot? That’s an easy one—inject it with collagen to make it more findable! Er, not. Maybe skip the G-spot shot and try Geneveve™ or labiaplasty to enhance your sex life instead. The Truth about G-Spot Shots Sure, the idea sounds reasonable enough. If your G-spot is currently the […]

3 Cray Celebrity Beauty Hacks You Do NOT Want to Try

Celebrities are crazy. We know this. But they always look so good! So, we take to Google and try to find the hacks that make them so gorgeous. Some of them are good; some of them are not so good. There are three over-the-top, weird hacks that you should pass on. 1. Razoring Your Face […]

3 Lazy Hacks for a Flatter Tummy & One that Definitely Works

The internet is full of self-proclaimed “miracle” cures for getting rid of pesky belly fat, but most of them are just lazy hacks that aren’t going to give you the dramatic stomach-flattening results you want.  So do yourself a favor and skip these so-called fat-busting hacks and go right for the solution that will actually […]

Why CoolSculpting® Is the Summer Love Affair That Won’t Disappoint

Summer is the season of backyard barbecues and afternoons at the beach. Summer is also the time when love just seems to be in the air. Well, if you happen to be at one of those outdoor music festivals there’s probably something else in the air. But also love. While summer affairs can start out […]

So Apparently Fake Camel Toes Are a Thing

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, one of the Kardashian sisters strikes again. This time, it’s Khloe who’s making headlines with her new fashion trend—the fake camel toe. Wait, What? That’s right, Khloe Kardashian has put a weird twist on an embarrassing problem for lots of women. In case you’re still not sure, […]

How Can You Get Rid of a Double Chin?

We’ve all had those days: we look in the mirror and wonder, how can we get rid of a double chin? Okay, maybe if you’re super young or athletic you haven’t had as many of those days. But most of us at one point or another are kind of unhappy with our jawlines. We think […]

The Brazilian Butt Lift Slang Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

So you want to soak up all the information the glorious internet has to offer before your Brazilian butt lift, but one thing stands in the way—you’re not sure what the heck half of these words mean. Not to worry! Take a run through this list of Brazilian butt lift need-to-know terms and you’ll be […]

3 Things You’ll Be Happy You Did before CoolSculpting®

Is there anything more annoying than working really hard in the gym, eating healthily and finally reaching your target weight, only to realize that your body doesn’t look quite how you remember it? Ok, so there probably is, but it’s a major drag anyway. Coolsculpting® is a non-surgical procedure that can help sculpt and contour […]

You Might Regret Your Tummy Tuck If You Don’t Add Lipo

Liposuction or tummy tuck? Tummy tuck or liposuction? The correct answer is BOTH. Tummy tuck and liposuction tackle different issues but can be great for complementing each other. In fact, you could go so far as to say that you could regret a decision not to add lipo to a tummy tuck and here’s why. […]

Can You Get a Beach Body on Your Lunch Break?

Did the warm weather sneak up on you, sending you into panic mode because you’re not quite ready for bikini season? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Luckily, there are tons of confidence-boosting options that can be done in under an hour. So by all means, treat yourself to one of these quick and easy […]

The Most Embarrassing Problem that Geneveve™ Can Help

Ladies, let’s address the elephant in the room. The so-called “queef,” or vaginal flatulence, if you prefer, happens to the best of us, albeit some more than others. That’s because vaginal laxity, which is common after childbirth or even the natural aging process, can trap more air in your lady bits than usual. And what […]

4 Reasons to Make CoolSculpting® Your Summer BFFL

With summer just around the corner, you might be scrambling to get your beach body back into shape. But don’t worry—if you need a little extra help, CoolSculpting® can work cosmetic magic on stubborn bulges. When you get a load of these four amazing benefits, you’re gonna want to make CoolSculpting® your best friend for […]

Are You Sure You Want to Try Cheap Liposuction?

It’s no secret that liposuction can provide excellent results when you want to streamline your figure, but it’s also well known that the procedure can be pretty expensive. When searching on the internet can reveal some bargain prices in just a few minutes, why would you opt for a more expensive plastic surgeon? Avoiding infections […]

Is a Post-Tummy Tuck Pregnancy Ever a Good Idea?

Ok, so you want to have a tummy tuck. But you also might want to have a baby. You may have heard dire warnings from finger-wagging experts telling you that you should never have a baby after having a tummy tuck. What’s the real deal? Is a pregnancy after tummy tuck advisable? Is it even […]

Why You Definitely Shouldn’t DIY Vaginal Rejuvenation

We’re all for pampering lady bits and even working them out with some regular Kegel exercises, but there’s a new DIY vaginal rejuvenation method in town that we suggest staying away from, unless burning your vajay sounds like fun. Vagacial, Anyone? Yes, the so-called “vagacial” (think facial for your vagina) is a very real thing, […]

Say Hello to Your Belly’s New BFF

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with pesky belly bulges that just won’t make like a tree and leave, then you might be looking into cosmetic surgery to make them go bye-bye for good. Before you opt in for a traditional tummy tuck, though, you’ve got to hear about the Avelar tummy tuck and […]

How to Keep Your Butt Bootylicious NOT Supersized

Just who doesn’t want a little extra junk in the trunk? After all, it is a crucial component of the coveted hourglass figure. But there is a fine line between curvy-licious and over-the-top supersized, and one woman had to find out the hard way. Don’t Try This at Home Miami model Courtney Barnes and her […]

How Not to Stress at Your Tummy Tuck Consult

A tummy tuck is a big thing, so it’s not unusual to feel a little nervous before your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon. Of course, if you get to the point where you’re too stressed to consider your options and actually get to the point of having the tummy tuck, you’ve got a problem. […]

You Got Lipo, Now You Itch Nonstop. What’s that About?

When you decided to get liposuction, you were probably prepared for some soreness and maybe even a little pain, but what you didn’t sign up for was nonstop itching. What’s the deal with your itchy-as-all-get-out skin, and how can you make it stop without messing up your results? Why Am I So Dang Itchy? Most […]

Put Down the Jade Egg, Your Vagina Deserves Better

Gwyneth Paltrow has dished out her fair share of weird and wonderful health and wellbeing advice over the years, some of which is useful and some which should be completely ignored. One which most certainly falls into the second category is inserting jade eggs into your vagina to improve your sex life and wellbeing. It […]

Would You Book a Steam Facial for Your Vagina?

We all know that vaginas are magical body parts that can clean themselves, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like yours could do with a little helping hand from time to time. Given that you’ve lived with your vagina for some time, you’ve probably learned that it’s best to steer clear of soaps and […]

Smaller Boobs, Bigger Butts: 2017 is Year of the Rear

Thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez flaunting their fantastic curves proudly, 2017 will likely be another Year of the Rear. 2016’s love for the Brazilian Butt Lift looks set to continue as cosmetic surgery trends point to smaller boobs and bigger butts. It’s official – we like big butts! So, what’s […]

Would You Get a Vajacial? A Vattoo? Do Some Vajazzling?

Not super happy with the way your vagina looks? You’re not alone. Women are doing some pretty creative things to their lady parts these days. It probably has a lot to do with the trend toward genital hairlessness. Could our grandmothers have predicted that vaginas would one day have their own fashion trends? Vajacial, Anyone? […]

Can You Turn a SpongeBob SquareButt into Betty Boop?

If you’ve got a square butt rather than the voluptuously-rounded shape we tend to find ideal, you may have thought about improving the shape with a Brazilian butt lift. Using fat cells which have usually been harvested from your stomach, thighs or lower back, the procedure involves reshaping and rounding the buttocks by injecting fat […]

Could Lipo Help You Keep Your Resolution? You Bet!

We all know how tough it is to keep those lofty New Year’s Resolutions. But did you know that liposuction can actually help you keep and maintain your weight loss goals? Make the Resolution, See Long Term Results One of the reasons it’s so easy to let your weight loss goals slide is that there […]

3 Vaginal Rejuvenation Myths You Should Ignore

Back in the day, plastic surgery was sort of a taboo subject and nobody really talked about having work done. Today, it’s so mainstream that people are crowdfunding their plastic surgery. Despite this accepting new attitude, there are some vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty myths that persist. Let’s put three of them to rest right now. […]

Would You Try Internal Spanx Surgery to Rock a Belfie?

It’s time to get rid of that selfie stick and stop posting endless photos of your pouting face (beautiful as it may be!) on Instagram. Why? Because selfies are over and belfies are in. If you’re not familiar with the term, a belfie is a selfie of your butt. If you have a fantastically voluptuous […]

Is Leg Contouring a Thing Now?

Good news, ladies and gents. You can now skip leg day at the gym and still look perfectly sculpted and toned. How? With leg contouring, of course. Is This What I Think It Is? If you’re imagining blending various shades of makeup, as you would on your face, on each one of your legs, then […]

4 Odd Spots for Liposuction that Deliver Fab Results

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone mention needing liposuction for their love handles, I’d be a wealthy woman. In the past few decades, liposuction has become such a household name that most of us know exactly what part of our body we’d like to refine with this body contouring procedure. […]

Should We Get Tummy Tuck or Liposuction? Maybe Both!

When we reach down and grab a handful of belly, our first instinct is usually to diagnose ourselves with a case of the holiday munchies and prescribe a few extra minutes on the treadmill. But our assumptions might be flawed. Because that might not be fat at all—it might be skin. Generally, people (ourselves included) […]

Should Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Include Labia Puffing?

Whether you’ve never cared for the shape of your lady parts or you just want to restore them to their previous glory, vaginal rejuvenation can be the answer. Much like snowflakes, no two vaginas are alike. Different procedures can correct different issues, which is really great. But what’s all this about labia puffing? Yes, Labia […]

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoos & Other Embarrassing Questions

Sometimes you have questions that are a bit outside the usual “how long will my recovery be?” neighborhood. When what you’re wondering wanders into embarrassing territory, don’t worry. It’s okay to ask about it. We’ll get you started by addressing three things you need to know about tummy tucks. How Soon Can I Be Intimate […]

Don’t Love Your Belly Button? You’re Not Alone

Innie, outie or otherwise, chances are you aren’t too big on your belly button. It turns out that a lot of people want to change the way their belly buttons look. What Makes Our Belly Buttons Look Like They Do? No two belly buttons are exactly the same. Just like that freakishly long second toe, […]

Why Liposuction Is Way Better Than Double Spanx

Kim Kardashian has admitted to wearing 2 pairs of Spanx at once in order to achieve a smoother line. If you’ve ever decided to emulate the celebrity, you will know first-hand just how uncomfortable it is wearing 2 pairs of body-shaping underwear. In fact, even 1 pair can result in quite a bit of discomfort. […]

4 Plastic Surgeries Perfect for Your Beauty Bucket List

A bucket list gives us something to look forward to. And a beauty bucket list only sweetens the deal! What could be better than planning for a little nip and tuck to help fine-tune your look? If you need some inspiration for what to add to your beauty bucket list, we’ve got you covered. Read […]

A Quick Lesson in Liposuction Lingo

You’ve finally decided to try out liposuction. The only thing is that there’s so much liposuction lingo you can’t make heads or tails of anything. Here’s a quick primer of the most popular liposuction lingo terms. Apple-Shaped Body A blockish physique with broad shoulders, wide torso, full waist and broad upper back. The resulting shape […]

Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty Is Just Awkward, Right?

The sharing economy is kind of a big deal these days. Want to go on holiday but a little short on airfare? Set up a GoFundMe campaign! Need the cash to create that zombie coloring book you’ve been planning? Kickstarter’s the way to go! Asymmetrical labia got you down? Ask your friends on social media […]

Do You Need a Marble in Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Kit?

You know what would spoil your tummy tuck? A weird-looking belly button. Do you really want to be on the beach hiding your sleek abs and taut tummy skin because your belly button didn’t make it to the other side in its original condition? Yeah, us neither. And a Marble Helps How? If your belly […]

For Sleeker Labia, Just Ask for the Barbie Treatment

While labiaplasty isn’t exactly new, a more modern take has been growing in popularity. The procedure, affectionately referred to as the “Barbie,” takes the idea behind labia reduction one step further. Before you request the sleek, smooth finish for which the Barbie is known, here’s what you need to know. More than Just a “Trim” […]

Can Super Skinny Girls Get Lipo Too?

Can you be a size zero and still suitable for liposuction? Some may argue that there’s definitely no need for any kind of cosmetic surgery at such a small size, but the truth is that it can be shape, rather than size, that affects how we feel about ourselves. Why Skinny Girls Can Get Lipo […]

3 Really Bad Reasons to Consider Labiaplasty

There are all sorts of reasons to get labiaplasty, including improved self-esteem, reduced discomfort and a better sex life. But if you’re thinking about springing for this procedure for any of the following reasons, you might want to reevaluate your motives. 1. To Look Great in Trendy Yoga Pants Yoga pants are everywhere, and every […]

Finally, a Forever Solution to that Pesky Camel Toe!

So there you are in yoga class, decked head to toe in your yoga gear, ready to root down and strike a pose. You focus on your breath just as your instructor tells you to, inhaling peace and exhaling all of the mental clutter that doesn’t serve you, when you catch sight of your reflection […]

Is Sitting Going to Be the Death of Your Perky Butt?

It seems like everyone is hating on sitting these days. Sitting could be hazardous to your health in a myriad of ways, scientists say. Muscle degeneration? Check. High blood pressure? Elevated cholesterol? Back pain? A higher risk of dying? Check. Check. Check. As if you need another reason to get moving, experts are saying sitting […]

One Unexpectedly Big Perk of the Male Tummy Tuck

Through a tummy tuck, men can expect to get rid of unwanted excess skin, feel more confident about their appearance and maybe even stack up a little larger in the bedroom. That’s right. If loose skin has been keeping you from showing off all that you’ve got, a tummy tuck may just be the answer. […]

Should You DIY Your CoolSculpting® Procedure?

After all this time spent dieting and exercising, could it really be true that all we really needed was an ice pack and all of our excess fat woes would be gone for good? Well, not exactly. CoolSculpting® can be an excellent body contouring tool that doesn’t require surgery, but there are a couple of […]

Are You Down for a Ken Doll Romance?

Maybe you were the kind of girl who really enjoyed playing with her Barbies. If you were lucky, you had all the Barbie bling, from the dream house to the glam convertible to the trusty horse Tawny, so that your Barbie lived it up in style. But as luscious as a three-story house with pink […]

Should You Nip and Tuck before the Summer Music Scene?

If you want to be part of the trendy music scene this summer, you’re going to have to shell out some major moolah. You’ve got tickets to buy, maybe a new outfit to shop for, and…plastic surgery to schedule. Well, at least that’s what some women are doing to prepare for the upcoming music festival […]

How Lipo Can Send Your Saddlebags Packing

As you get older, fatty deposits begin to creep up on you and decide to set up shop in the outer thighs. These saddlebags cause many women to sigh in despair as their bikini gets sent back to the closet for yet another summer. But wait! Take out your two-piece because there’s a quick and […]

Why Not Blow Your Tuition on Lipo Instead?

Surely, we don’t need to go here. You get that it’s called a student loan for a reason, right? Student, that’s the important word. As in “Use this money to pay your tuition and be a student.” That’s not how Katerina Christodoulou saw her student loan. She decided to “invest” all $14,359 of her student […]

Would You Spend Half a Million to Look Like Barbie?

It seems the internet has room for one more real life Barbie doll. Nannette Hammond, a 42-year-old mother from Cincinnati, is garnering quite the social media following thanks to her Barbie-Esque looks that she says have cost her half a million dollars. Beyond the Boobs and Blonde Hair Hammond says her obsession with the iconic […]

Is Liposuction Worth Stealing For?

If they’re being honest, most people would admit they’re not completely happy with what they see in the mirror and would like to nip and tuck a few imperfections. However, cosmetic surgery can be pricey and depending on where you are in the socioeconomic scheme of things, elective procedures may not be in the budget. […]

Can Lipo Help You Win the #A4Challenge?

Back in 2014, it was the ice bucket challenge when a proud nation watched as people nobly doused themselves in gallons of freezing water, all for a good cause. Now the latest Internet sensation is the #A4Challenge. This trend challenges you to take a picture of yourself in front of a piece of standard 8-inch-wide […]

Can Waist-Training Make All Your Dreams Come True?

Trim your waist while you…sit? If this sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Sure, we’d all love to ditch a few extra pounds, especially in the belly area, but experts warn against using gimmicks like waist-training garments to get rid of it. It’s a Fad, Not a Friend Despite celebrity […]

Will Your Lipo Results Last Forever?

Everyone loves the “happily ever after” ending, and that’s exactly what people are looking for with liposuction. You want to see your love handles, muffin top or other bothersome bulges gone for good, never to return. But what some men and women don’t realize is that liposuction isn’t a one-way ticket to permanently sculpted bliss. […]

Tummy Tucks: The Case of the Missing Belly Button

Did you hear the one about the Houston woman who lost her belly button? She went in for a tummy tuck to send her post-pregnancy pooch packing and “bring sexy back,” but came out without the pooch AND her belly button. Apparently, the belly button was the victim of removing an umbilical hernia, as she […]

How to Fix the Dreaded Post-Pregnancy Pooch

So, you’ve been through a pregnancy (congratulations!) and have likely tried everything under the sun to finally rid yourself of that dreaded post-pregnancy pooch. Even with all that uphill jogging while toting stroller and baby along with you, you just can’t seem to lose the pooch. Now what? Don’t worry, lots of new moms are […]

Don’t Bother Buying that Tummy Tuck Belt Thingy

They say there’s a sucker born every minute, which explains the existence of the tummy tuck belt. This spandex contraption wraps around the stomach and promises to instantly remove inches from the tummy without diet or exercise. It even comes with a thermal accelerator cream, which sounds more like rocket fuel than something I’d ever […]

3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Lipo

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, it’s time to get real. Maybe this February 14th, someone brought you flowers or took you out for a romantic dinner, but did they suck away your pesky pockets of fat? I’m gonna go ahead and guess that the answer is no. If you’re going to be wooed, let […]

Yes, Opting for Smartlipo™ Actually Makes You Smarter

If you’ve been searching for a novel way to zap your fat and boost your IQ, you’re in luck. When it comes to liposuction, Smartlipo™ is the most intelligent option. Why settle for your mom’s liposuction when you could get some truly space-age treatment for your bod? Like house guests who have long outstayed their […]

Can a Tummy Tuck Give You a Teeny Tiny Corset Waist?

What do Scarlett O’Hara, Freida Pinto and Zendaya have in common? Itsy bitsy waists, that’s what. Though Scarlett may have gotten some help from a corset, the real trick to having that impossibly tiny waist is all in the genetics. So what’s a girl to do? Phone your plastic surgeon, of course! What a Tummy […]

For Plastic Surgery in 2016: Goodbye Boobs, Hello Butt

If you’re a booty over boobs girl (or guy), your year has finally arrived. Plastic surgeons across the country are predicting that 2016 will be the year of smaller breast implants combined with more Brazilian butt lifts for that fuller, shapelier bottom you’ve always wanted. Breasts are out and butts are in! More specifically, massive […]

4 Gifts NOT to Give for Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day, a holiday filled with pitfalls sure to launch you into a fight with your significant other. If you’re ready to avoid the arguments and disappointments this year, you’d better start preparing by choosing a fantastic, thoughtful present. You know your love best, so we’ll leaving picking a gift up to you, but […]

The Perfect Recipe for a Skinny Waist and Curvy Butt

What if you could get a shapelier butt and a slimmer waist at the same time? It sounds too good to be true but it’s all true. We promise. Say hello to the Brazilian butt lift, which just might be your new best friend. How to Get a Shapelier Bottom Here’s the deal. A plastic […]

Waist Training: The Modern Day Corset that Makes Big Claims

Ladies, do not be fooled by this waist training business. Sure, waist training is everywhere. Even celebrities are swearing by it. But does it actually work? Not so much, medical experts suggest. Waist Training?! More Like Waist Squishing This is how waist training goes, supposedly. You wear a waist trainer (read: New Age corset) for […]

Should You Really Shoot for a Flat Tummy?

Beauty standards just never give us a break, do they? But as anyone knows, there’s a difference between an ideal and the reality, and the reality is that unless you’re going for the emaciated look, you really shouldn’t shoot for a flat tummy. Here’s why. The Earth Isn’t Flat, and Neither Is Your Stomach The […]

Liposuction for Your Ladybits?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that a lot of women have taken their gym routines to the next level. From the cult of CrossFit to fanatics that flock daily to yoga and Pilates, women are working out longer and harder, and they’ve been documenting their efforts with endless gym […]

How to Look Like a Human Barbie on a Budget

Ah, to look like a human Barbie. Isn’t that what every person wants? We kid, we kid. However, some folks want to look their best but may not know how to go about achieving that goal in a way that makes sense for them financially. With all the chatter about looking natural and taking a […]

Is Lunchtime Lipo a Real Thing?

Our culture is many things … but patient is not one of them. We want access to everything instantly these days—fast Internet, instant customer support, microwave pizza bagels that are done in one minute instead of two. And now, as you might expect, our culture is in search of these instantaneous results from our cosmetic […]

This Year’s Resolution? Make Your Booty Bigger!

The New Year is rapidly approaching and as you think about this year’s resolutions, why not direct some of that self-improvement focus to that place where the sun doesn’t shine? It’s no secret that the booty has made a huge comeback in recent years, and the thin, waif-like figures of yesteryear are no longer in […]

Stop Lying about Your Liposuction

We all know the drill. Your reunite with friends you haven’t seen in a few months and notice that someone’s rocking a stellar figure. Where’d that muffin top go? Or the double chin? Have her cankles transformed magically into ankles? And where’d that thigh gap come from? It’s rude to ask, but maybe after a […]

Giving the Gift of… Liposuction?

When the holidays or a special someone’s birthday comes round, getting the right gift can be a real head-scratcher. Whether you’re trying to decide what to get for the girl or guy who has everything or how exactly to wrap the package, a new question in gift-giving etiquette has emerged. Is it okay to gift […]

Tummy Tucks for Tourists?

It’s a story we’ve all heard before. A young plastic surgery enthusiast with a head full of dreams and a self-conscious demeanor considers getting liposuction or a breast augmentation to boost her or his appearance, only to get sticker shock at the exorbitant price and call off the process entirely…until they hear about the value […]

Recovering from Turkey Day with a Tummy Tuck

It’s no secret, plenty of folks look forward to the holidays for the scrumptious food just waiting to be devoured. That succulent turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and all the traditional trimmings are probably making you salivate just thinking about them. You’re not alone, and you’re definitely not alone when in the throes of those […]

Butt Squat Challenge or BBL?

With all of the crazy new advancements that are coming out in the world of plastic surgery, us regular folks are getting more and more options to push our appearances to the next level. Oh, sure, we’re all familiar with boob jobs, tummy tucks and other common surgeries out there, but there’s one important area […]

How Cosmetic Surgery Steps Up When Crunches Fall Short

Those who avoid bathroom scales like the plague have wondered at one point or another if liposuction could save us from our humdrum exercise routines and deliver a sexy and sleek figure. Wouldn’t that be nice? The bad news is that liposuction can’t replace natural weight loss. The good news is that it can be […]

Is Plastic Surgery the Last Step after Weight Loss?

Remember when you used to reward yourself for finishing off your to-do list with a delicious bowl of ice cream? Heck no. You busted your buns of steel to get to your goal weight, and comfort food is a thing of the past. But maybe a little bit of self-reward in other forms could do […]