Can You Get a Beach Body on Your Lunch Break?

Did the warm weather sneak up on you, sending you into panic mode because you’re not quite ready for bikini season? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Luckily, there are tons of confidence-boosting options that can be done in under an hour. So by all means, treat yourself to one of these quick and easy […]

Is Leg Contouring a Thing Now?

Good news, ladies and gents. You can now skip leg day at the gym and still look perfectly sculpted and toned. How? With leg contouring, of course. Is This What I Think It Is? If you’re imagining blending various shades of makeup, as you would on your face, on each one of your legs, then […]

Should You DIY Your CoolSculpting® Procedure?

After all this time spent dieting and exercising, could it really be true that all we really needed was an ice pack and all of our excess fat woes would be gone for good? Well, not exactly. CoolSculpting® can be an excellent body contouring tool that doesn’t require surgery, but there are a couple of […]

Are You Down for a Ken Doll Romance?

Maybe you were the kind of girl who really enjoyed playing with her Barbies. If you were lucky, you had all the Barbie bling, from the dream house to the glam convertible to the trusty horse Tawny, so that your Barbie lived it up in style. But as luscious as a three-story house with pink […]

4 Gifts NOT to Give for Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day, a holiday filled with pitfalls sure to launch you into a fight with your significant other. If you’re ready to avoid the arguments and disappointments this year, you’d better start preparing by choosing a fantastic, thoughtful present. You know your love best, so we’ll leaving picking a gift up to you, but […]

How to Look Like a Human Barbie on a Budget

Ah, to look like a human Barbie. Isn’t that what every person wants? We kid, we kid. However, some folks want to look their best but may not know how to go about achieving that goal in a way that makes sense for them financially. With all the chatter about looking natural and taking a […]

Is Plastic Surgery the Last Step after Weight Loss?

Remember when you used to reward yourself for finishing off your to-do list with a delicious bowl of ice cream? Heck no. You busted your buns of steel to get to your goal weight, and comfort food is a thing of the past. But maybe a little bit of self-reward in other forms could do […]

Body-Jet® and Lasers and Lipo, Oh My!

You just wanted to tighten up your love handles a little, but now you’re faced with the daunting choice of a half dozen different liposuction techniques, each weirder-sounding than the last. Don’t fret too much, though. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine which type of lipo will best correct those curves, and you can […]