Could Shaking Your New Booty on the Dance Floor Hurt Your BBL?

So you’ve had your Brazilian butt lift and now you’re ready to head to the club and flaunt your new booty on the dance floor. But before you get too jiggy with it, you might want to take a look at these tips for a smooth BBL recovery. Keep the Rump-Shaking to a Minimum As […]

The Brazilian Butt Lift Slang Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

So you want to soak up all the information the glorious internet has to offer before your Brazilian butt lift, but one thing stands in the way—you’re not sure what the heck half of these words mean. Not to worry! Take a run through this list of Brazilian butt lift need-to-know terms and you’ll be […]

Can You Turn a SpongeBob SquareButt into Betty Boop?

If you’ve got a square butt rather than the voluptuously-rounded shape we tend to find ideal, you may have thought about improving the shape with a Brazilian butt lift. Using fat cells which have usually been harvested from your stomach, thighs or lower back, the procedure involves reshaping and rounding the buttocks by injecting fat […]

Are You Down for a Ken Doll Romance?

Maybe you were the kind of girl who really enjoyed playing with her Barbies. If you were lucky, you had all the Barbie bling, from the dream house to the glam convertible to the trusty horse Tawny, so that your Barbie lived it up in style. But as luscious as a three-story house with pink […]

Butt Squat Challenge or BBL?

With all of the crazy new advancements that are coming out in the world of plastic surgery, us regular folks are getting more and more options to push our appearances to the next level. Oh, sure, we’re all familiar with boob jobs, tummy tucks and other common surgeries out there, but there’s one important area […]

The 3 Dumbest Things People Believe about Brazilian Butt Lifts

Unfortunately, the name “Brazilian butt lift” isn’t particularly self-explanatory, and there are numerous myths circulating about the procedure like… they can only be performed in Brazil. You can only recover by doing the Samba twice a day. Here are some other ridiculous Brazilian Butt Lift misconceptions. 1. Brazilian Butt Lifts Use Implants Okay, so maybe […]