The Thing about Side Boob & Other Post-Breast Augmentation Tips

Your breast surgery is over, you already have a few days of Netflix and chill under your belt and you’re ready to start seeing some results. But what about that side boob thing you have going on, and will your implants be that high forever? Here are the answers to these burning questions and some […]

How to Pick a Flattering Bikini Top for Your New Boobs

It’s almost time to hit the beach for summer 2017 and that means one thing – you get to show off the results of your breast augmentation. Of course, this comes with its downsides as well as the obvious advantages of breast implants. For one, how do you dress your fantastic new boobs? Lucky for […]

How to Survive the Dropping & Fluffing Boob Job Stage

Do a quick internet search about breast augmentation recovery, and you’re sure to find all sorts of fun terms, like “drop” and “fluff.” Understanding what these mean, on the other hand, can be a bit more of a challenge, not to mention figuring out what you should be doing during this process to get the […]

How’s Your Underboob Cleavage Looking These Days?

In case you haven’t heard, topside cleavage is out, and under-cleavage is in. But what’s a girl to do if her underboob cleavage game isn’t quite up to par for the latest fashion trends? Don’t panic. Fortunately, breast augmentation can give you the coveted look that’s been popping up all over the red carpet lately. […]

When Should You Switch Your Breast Implants?

You don’t have to dislike your breasts to think about when you should switch your breast implants. Switching implants also doesn’t have to be a bummer, though it might feel that way at first. We spent all this money on a breast augmentation procedure, which means we should enjoy those results for as long as […]

Are You Hoping the Easter Bunny Brings You New Boobs?

Easter is just around the corner and maybe you’re hoping to find something soft and squishy in your basket. (And we’re not talking about brightly colored animal-shaped marshmallows.) Easter is an excellent time to have breast augmentation. In fact, if you have breast augmentation done in the spring, you are actually super clever since you’ll […]

How to “Do Up” Your Girls Dolly Parton Style

Dolly turned 71 earlier this year and she has long been loud and proud about her boob job. If it’s time for you to follow her lead, here’s what you need to know about breast augmentation. Saline or Silicone? If you want to have lovely results that you can enjoy for years and years just […]

4 Tricks to Keeping Your New Boobs on the Down Low

So, you want to have breast augmentation but don’t know how to keep a boob job private. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Follow these tips to help you become a boob job ninja. 1. Time it Right Winter and spring are the perfect time for savvy ladies like you to schedule their breast augmentation. […]

Should You Worry about Morning Boob?

You may think you know a lot about breast augmentation, particularly if you’ve been planning breast implants of your own, but what do you know about morning boob? It’s pretty common after breast augmentation and there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent it, but the good news is it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. […]

Could Your New Boobs Be Tax Deductible?

While most insurance policies won’t cover boob jobs, is it really possible that your new jugs could be a tax write-off? For one Indiana woman, they sure were. But before you throw caution to the wind and schedule a breast augmentation STAT, there’s something you should know. Stage Props The genius woman who found a […]

How to Survive the Breast Augmentation Roller Coaster

So, you get the boob job you’ve always wanted but things aren’t quite how you expected them to be. Use this guide to help you navigate the strange and sometimes frightening path you’ll walk after breast augmentation. Great, You Have Frankenboobs Know this: your boobs will be weird right after breast augmentation. They will sit […]

How to NOT Botch Your Breast Augmentation Results

Is it time for breast implants? Whatever your reasons behind wanting breast augmentation, you’re sure to want to get the best results you can. Whether you’re going for breast implants for cosmetic reasons, to boost your confidence or self-esteem or to fix a problem, it’s a big decision and shouldn’t be made lightly. Of course, […]

Are You Getting Breast Implants AND Stretch Marks?!

Breast implants and stretch marks should not even be in the same sentence, or should they? If you get breast augmentation surgery, chances are you were hoping your boobs would look awesome afterward. But, what if your boob job gives you stretch marks?! We don’t mean to stress you out, but it’s time to discuss […]

4 Breast Augmentation Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Breast augmentation can be a fantastic way of getting those boobs you’ve always wanted but weren’t naturally blessed with. We all know that big boobs are not the key to happiness (although they may well help you along the way) and there’s been plenty of media coverage of the various terrible celebrity mistakes that have […]

How to Revoke an Itty Bitty Titty Committee Membership

If you thought your Itty Bitty Titty Committee membership was destined to be permanent, think again. The size of your breasts no longer has to keep you feeling down about your curves, or lack thereof. For all those petite women out there considering breast augmentation, here are three breast enhancement options that are sure to […]

How a Cheap Boob Job Could Break the Bank

Have you ever been told to beware of things that seem too good to be true? That’s actually really good advice. Especially when it comes to boob jobs. While it’s easy to be tempted by a low-priced procedure, don’t do it. Shopping for lawn ornaments is an okay time to be frugal. Shopping for boobs […]

3 Weird Things You May Experience after a Boob Job

It’s easy to understand boob job recovery requires some healing and adjustment – after all it is surgery. But who would think it could be so odd? Here are 3 types of weirdness you may experience after your boobies’ big day: The Great Southward Migration When your cosmetic surgeon places your implant, it’s most often […]

Are Nipple Tattoos the Crowning Touch for a Boob Job?

Seemingly the latest in a line of beauty-related trends like vajazzling, a number of women are now opting to have their nipples tattooed to a darker shade. Some women have the procedure done because they report being unhappy with how pale their nipples naturally are, or they feel that tattooing is the perfect finishing touch […]

4 Sketchy Yet Totally Normal Things Nipples Can Do

What’s the best thing about nipples? The fact that they come in all shapes and sizes, of course. If you’re like most women, chances are, you’ve been self-conscious of some aspect of your nipples at least once in your life. But honestly, most of those insecurities are completely unfounded. Here are four perfect examples of […]

Beware of Frankenboobs after Breast Augmentation

The dreaded Frankenboobs. Hard, square and not at all what you envisioned your breast implants would look like. They sit too high, they’re misshapen, and they look…well…smaller than you expected. Have you been botched?! Don’t panic, this is just a temporary situation. You simply have to be patient, and let the drop and fluff progression […]

Should You Take Vacation Boobs for a Test Drive?

In the age of Snapchat, the idea of “now you see it, now you don’t” isn’t that unusual. Can this concept carry over to your breasts, though? Apparently, the answer is yes. And we’re not talking about legit alternatives to breast augmentation, like push-up bras. There’s a new procedure that promises to increase your breast […]

How to Become Fluent in Boob Job Buzzwords

Don’t know your Frankenboobs from your gummy bears and your unders from your overs? Here’s a quick guide to boob job buzzwords to get you up to speed on the jargon of breast implants. BA Short for breast augmentation, or enlarging the breast by inserting breast implants. Boobie Greed Post-surgery worry that you haven’t gone […]

4 Plastic Surgeries Perfect for Your Beauty Bucket List

A bucket list gives us something to look forward to. And a beauty bucket list only sweetens the deal! What could be better than planning for a little nip and tuck to help fine-tune your look? If you need some inspiration for what to add to your beauty bucket list, we’ve got you covered. Read […]

3 Ways to Prevent a Botched Boob Job

You’ve seen them on TV, plastered all over the internet and maybe even know someone who’s had some unfortunate luck herself. Yes, we’re talking about botched boob jobs. And while they obviously can and do happen, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the boob job of your dreams […]

4 Crazy Boob Job Stories that Will Astonish You

The boob job, or breast augmentation, is meant to help you feel and look better—normally. But here are a few boob job stories are a tad off the hook, motivation-wise. P.S., One of these began as satire and then became truth. Bonus points for guessing which one! 1. Boob vs. Snake Well, Israeli star Orit […]

Is Eating Your Way to Bigger Boobs a Thing?

Scientists aren’t budging on the benefits of eating a healthy, nutritious diet that includes fresh foods, balanced meals and the like. You can eat your way to better health, they say. So in a world where chocolate and wine have documented health benefits, eating your way to bigger boobs could totally be a thing, right? […]

Would You Supersize Your Boob Job?

Sure, breast implants can offer excellent result sand even boost your self-esteem, but like tattoos and junk food, are they addicting? For German model, Mayra Hills, also known by her modeling name “Beshine,” they seem to be. Hills reportedly has the largest boob job in the world, topping in at a whopping 32Z. So should […]

Trying to Cheat Fate? There’s a Plastic Surgery for That

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a fortune teller at the carnival and had your palm read, you might know that your hand foretells your fate. For those of you who’ve never sat down with a psychic or paid money to a palm reader, you could be missing out on vital information regarding your destiny. What […]

When Boob Lifts Go to the Vampires, Should You Go Along?

Surely by now, we all get how it’s a good idea to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon for anything involving your boobs. And surely we don’t have to tell you that Dracula doesn’t fall into the category of breast-improvement specialists. Then again, maybe we do. Lady celebs at the 2016 Oscars got a gift certificate […]

Are You a Celeb-Obsessed Fan Looking to Level Up?

Obsessed with being Lara Croft? No, not being an actual tomb raider, but having Lara’s curvy features, pouty lips and too-big-for-that-tank-top breasts? Then put that controller down, and level up your life to look like your favorite celebrity through plastic surgery. Queen Bey Go from flat and frumpy to fierce and fabulous to look like […]

Would You Be Cool with Snapchatting Your Boob Job?

Thanks to social media, we now live in a world where absolutely nothing is sacred, privacy is nonexistent and oversharing is a way of life. Maybe you’ve posted your fair share dinner entrée pics, drunken snapchats or duck-face selfies, but exactly how far would you go to continue your quest to overshare with the masses? […]

Should You Quit Work to Get Plastic Surgery Full-Time?

So, you hate your job? Maybe you should quit and have plastic surgery as a full-time job. Pixee Fox (nope, probably not on her birth certificate) is from Sweden, and her official, allegedly-legitimate and super-dignified job title is, try not to laugh, “plastic surgery model.” In Search of Cartoon Perfection Ms. Fox started her transformation […]

How to Fix Your “Snoopy” Boobs

You’ve almost definitely heard of the Tooth Fairy, but have you heard of the Boob Fairy? She flies by night to bestow blossoming young women with a perfectly-shaped pair of breasts, and she doesn’t even expect payment in return. This tinkerbell of the ta-tas just does her duty to make sure that all’s well in […]

Should You 86 Your Ribs for a Skinner Waist?

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past decadeand don’t have internet access, you’ve heard of at least one story about a person whose obsession with plastic surgery has gone way too far. This is one such story. Another Doll Wannabe Today we will meet Pixee Fox, a Swedish model and self-proclaimed “living […]

The Interesting History of Breast Augmentation

It may surprise you to learn that the first breast augmentation took place well over a hundred years ago in Germany. After a woman’s breast had become misshapen as a result of tumor removal, Dr. Vincent Czerny removed fat from her hip and transferred it to her breast. Although this inaugural breast enhancement was about […]

Finally, Saline Breast Implants that Feel Amazing`

Let’s be honest, saline implants have pretty much played the role of the proverbial redheaded stepchild in the world of breast augmentation, with their silicone counterpart kicking their butt each year in the implant popularity contest. But as Bob Dylan used to say, times they are a-changin’. A new type of saline implant is shattering […]

Are Big Boobs as American as Apple Pie?

It’s summer time. Maybe you’re enjoying the warm weather, an outdoor barbeque, a baseball game, some delicious apple pie and some mighty mammaries. If you’re thinking that one of these things doesn’t quite sound like the others, you may want to take a closer look. As it turns out, big boobs really might be just […]

4 Cosmetic Surgeries to Take You from Frump to Fab

Who says you can’t turn frumpy into fabulous? With the help of a few simple cosmetic procedures, you can rev up your look and give it that little extra va-va-voom it needs to have you feeling absolutely amazing. And these four plastic surgery options could be just the ticket. 1. Breast Augmentation Even if you’re […]

Crowdfunding Boob Jobs: Creepy or Practical?

While scrolling through social media on a daily basis, you probably come across a few links to crowdfunding sites for various causes, ranging from medical bills to fire relief to… boob jobs? That’s right; there’s now an entire crowdfunding site dedicated to helping women get breast implants for free. But because there’s no such thing […]

3 Terrible Uses for Breast Implants

You thought breast implants were just for boobs, huh? They don’t exactly come with an owner’s manual, but you shouldn’t need one to know the appropriate use for a breast implant. A cosmetic surgeon uses breast implants during breast augmentation to add fullness and symmetry to your breasts. Got that? Breast, breast, breast. That’s where […]

How Far Would You Go to Prevent a Saggy Boob Job?

We all fear the sag. Whether natural or enhanced, we bet you check in with the girls on a regular basis to make sure they are still riding high and looking good. But what if one day they fail this all-important inspection? What if they look — gasp! — saggy? When Your Boobs Just Might […]

Could Your Breast Implants Be Tax-Deductible?

Two things are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. Each year, Americans brainstorm every possible tax deduction to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their pockets as possible. When it comes to business, you’re entitled to deduct everything essential to do your job. Airline pilots deduct their uniforms, realtors deduct their vehicles and […]

Why Do Men Love Fake Boobs?

Men are, by nature, visual creatures. Which somewhat explains why breasts that enter the room before the woman are so downright captivating. The thrill of augmented proportions gets men teetering on the brink of insanity like nothing else. Why? Why do men persist in wanting women who look like a light breeze will be enough […]

Predicting Your Breast Augmentation Results with the Magic of 3D

If you were lucky enough to be born prior to 1980, you were probably exposed to the John Hughes movie Weird Science. In this classic 80s flick, two high school nerds, Gary and Wyatt, attempt to make the perfect woman on their home computer. The perfect woman is played by Kelly LeBrock. If you’ve seen […]

4 Reasons 2015 Was Dubbed “Year of the Rear”

Yeah, so 2015 came after 2014 when Kim Kardashian’s butt broke the Internet with her Paper magazine cover. Need we say more about how 2015 became the year of the rear? OK, other than the “Kardashian Effect,” we did actually come up with 4 more legit reasons why 2015 will forever be stuck with this […]

What’s Boobie Greed and How Can You Avoid it?

Although the term boobie greed may sound silly, it describes a very real phenomenon. Just like with diamonds, women often develop a “bigger is better” mentality when thinking about their breast size. Boobie greed knows no bounds and has left women from AA to FF (and everywhere in between) perpetually dissatisfied with their breast size. […]

Monster Mammaries: Friend or Foe?

The butt may be having its moment, but nothing can top the mad love we have for boobs. Whether you want to upgrade your natural assets so that they fit perfectly within the demure dimensions of a champagne glass or you prefer to supersize your breasts, there’s no shortage of implants to choose from. At […]

So Your Teen Wants Breast Implants. Now What?

It’s no secret that breast size can significantly impact teenagers’ self esteem as they grow older and notice their peers developing at different rates than they are. Some girls think they would date more if they had a boob job or that plastic surgery would stop bullying. If your daughter is giving you the runaround […]

Does Getting a Boob Job Mean You’re a Big Fake?

Despite their popularity, there’s a certain stigma that hangs over breast implants and the women who get them. You must be superficial, shallow or extraordinarily promiscuous. Maybe you’ve considered having a breast augmentation but are afraid of the social shaming that might come with it. News flash: Changing your breasts doesn’t make you fake or […]

Do You Have Realistic Expectations for Your Boob Job?

Breast implants are one surefire way to up your curve factor. Women can choose from a variety of breast implants to increase cup size or enhance cleavage. A breast augmentation can also address asymmetry and correct proportions to create balance. Although breast implants can bestow women with a shapelier figure, implants can only work so […]

Why Do So Many Women Love Their Breast Augmentation Results?

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures for women not just in the nation, but also across the globe. Women who have gotten breast implants overwhelmingly report extreme satisfaction with their results. In fact, breast augmentation has one of the highest “worth it” ratings on the web-based plastic surgery community, RealSelf. […]

4 Signs Your Breast Augmentation Could Need a Redo

After committing to breast augmentation, it can be a little bit discouraging to realize that your enhancement didn’t quite turn out the way you expected. Luckily, implant revision offers a variety of solutions to breast implant complications. Here are four signs that your implants may need a repeat visit to a plastic surgeon. 1. Asymmetry […]

Will Your New Baby Ruin Your Boob Job?

You’ve peed on a stick, you’ve been to the doctor, and the results are in: you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is always an exciting time, but as many of us know, the physical changes that come along with it can be…well…significant. Pregnancy is notorious for changing the size and shape of our boobs. But what if you’ve […]

3 Times to Go Big or Go Home with Breast Implants

Why be shy with breast implant size? Who’s to say what even constitutes large breast implants? Plus, sometimes breast implants need to be on the big side to be meaningful. What’s the point of getting augmentation if implants don’t make the slightest difference in your proportions? Here are three reasons why sometimes bigger is flat-out […]

Sorry, Beauty Isn’t in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is fact. If the world were blind, we’d still distinguish the beautiful from the ugly by an elaborate system of physical groping. Breast augmentation procedures would soar. Regardless of country, culture, or race, there are definite commonalities among human beings with regard to the appreciation of physical attractiveness. Because we all have a hard-wired […]

Should You Risk Your Life for a Cheaper Boob Job?

No. Wow, that was the shortest blog post ever! Seriously, you might think that you’re being frugal by shopping around in other countries for the very best deal in cosmetic surgery, but it just isn’t that simple. It’s true that there are some areas in life where corners can (and should) be cut. There’s no […]

Can Implants Perk Up Those Sagging Boobs?

Breast implants aren’t the only answer to every boob problem, especially when it comes to saggy breasts. To explain this using imaginary visual aids, if you put a bowling ball into a nylon stocking, you wouldn’t expect the stocking to shrink, would you? Well, your breast skin and tissue are quite nylon-like in some ways. […]

How to Make Your Fake Boobs Look Totally Real

Gone are the days of wanting to look like the Baywatch girls. Ladies of the 21st century are interested in natural-looking breast augmentation results that turn heads because they’re flattering, not because they closely resemble flesh-colored hubcaps. So how can you make sure you’ll end up with a boob job that won’t look like Victoria […]

But How Will Those New Boobs Look when You’re 70?

They’ll look fantastic! The rest of you, on the other hand… Just kidding! We’re sure that you’ll keep yourself trim, smooth and vibrant well into your golden years. It’s completely understandable, though, to have concerns about how breast implants will look in relation to an older body. And no wonder. You’ve probably seen candid bikini […]

4 Reasons A-Listers Are Trading in Their DDs

When it comes to breast implants, it seems that celebrities aren’t embracing enormous breast implants the way they used to. Why are starlets trending towards smaller cup sizes and away from giant grapefruits? Here are four reasons you won’t be seeing too many major ta-tas on the red carpet. 1. Smaller Implants Are Just More […]

Imbalanced Boobs? Breast Implants to the Rescue!

Breasts can be like soap opera twins: one of them sweet, pleasant and attractive, and the other awkward, needy and unaccountably uglier than the other. You’ve endured the evil twin for too long; it’s time that she knew her place. To one degree or another, practically every woman has one breast that’s slightly bigger, slightly […]

Should You Blow Your Life Savings On Breast Implants?

Most importantly, what do you want breast augmentation to bring? Breast implants are often called an investment, but relatively few patients really consider the actual, tangible returns. Once you’ve weighed all the physical and psychological benefits, that sticker price will suddenly seem a lot more reasonable.

Even Dear Abby Knows What’s Up with Breast Implants

Who would have thought that a stalwart advice columnist could be so progressive about boob jobs? Yet in answering this question about breast implants, Dear Abby gave body-positive advice that surprised her audience. Of course, she’s right—breast implants are extremely personal, and if you’re an adult, you should be able to make whatever decisions about […]

Is Your Perfect Bikini Missing the Perfect Boobs to Match?

The answer is: Yes, of course. Do you really want to be seen on the beaches of Ipanema or Grand Cayman with a couple of ping pong balls stuffed in your bikini top? C’mon—have some dignity. Just kidding! Your boobs are fine. Probably. Of course, if you feel they aren’t and want to make the […]

The 5 Worst Boob Jobs in History

There is nothing more frustrating than having breast augmentation and looking worse than you did pre-procedure. And yet, some oblivious gals (we’re not naming any names) seem blissfully unaware that they’re walking examples of the worst boob jobs ever. We’ve got five examples right here, in fact! 1. The Single Square Boob We have to […]

How to Get that Classy Stripper Look from Your Breast Implants

As everyone knows, pole dancers with hard-looking, enormous, gapingly-spaced breast implants are at the top of the social pyramid. Who wouldn’t want that life? If you’re itching to join the club, here are a few tips to guarantee your admittance. Go Big or Go Home If you’re not ready to pack the maximum legally allowable […]

How a Boob Job Can Take You from A-Cup to A-Lister

Why live the rest of your life without having the rack that Mother Nature denied you? Small breasts are for gymnasts and half-portion Caesar salad platters, not women who want to look great in spaghetti-strap tank tops! Yes, there are some women who enjoy their small cup size. They can run without extra support, and […]

Are Smaller Boobs the Next Big Thing?

If celebrity habits are any indication of what the culture demands, certain internal fashion accessories are now being downsized. It seems as though the bastions of big boobs are having their implants reduced. That’s right—Heidi Montag now has smaller breasts, so the rest of the nation is soon to follow. Bringing Small Boobs Back It […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Boob Job Up to 11

Elective cosmetic surgery can definitely feel intimidating. After all, the goal is to look better than ever, and that means the bar is set pretty darn high. If you’re considering amping up your boobage and want excellent results, here are three tips you absolutely must follow. 1. Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Just because […]

Caution: Do Not Wear Breast Implants while… Pole Dancing?

Mercy. Imagine what the adult entertainment industry would become if breast implants weren’t safe for standard stripper activities. The dancers might as well wear overalls. All right, so there was that highly publicized story about a pole dancer who ruptured an implant while, uh, performing. However, these particular circumstances would have been injurious to anyone, […]

3 Tips for a Speedy Recovery after Getting Your New Boobs

Once you get a brand-spanking-new pair of girlies installed, of course you want to jump up and enjoy them immediately. Well, hold on, tiger! Not only do you have your health to consider, you have the long-term attractiveness of your new (and not exactly cheap) breast implants to think about. Here are three things to […]

Boob Jobs & Breastfeeding: The Inside Scoop

Expectant mothers have a litany of concerns regarding pregnancy, birth, and child care, but for women with breast implants, breastfeeding shouldn’t be one of them. Not only should you physically be able to breastfeed (implants shouldn’t interfere with milk production), it turns out that breastfeeding itself doesn’t lead to saggy boobs. Hooray! Breastfeeding and Breast […]

Subglandular vs. Submuscular Placement: Which Is Better?

When it comes to breast augmentation, women primarily have two important options from which to choose regarding placement: whether to have implants placed beneath the muscle (sub muscular placement “under”) or above the muscle (subglandular placement “over”). Choosing the best option for your body helps to ensure your desired breast augmentation results. Submuscular Placement Advantages […]

Better Breast Augmentation Results with a Breast Lift?

When women think of enhancing their breasts, they typically assume that breast implants are the easiest solution for getting their ideal figure. The reality is that sometimes the best way to achieve your dream look is by combining different breast enhancement procedures to bring out the best in your natural assets. Why Combine? Different breast […]

6 Ways to Take Your Breast Augmentation Results to the Next Level

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you may be unsure of exactly what look you’d like your implants to achieve. While some women are content with only a subtle change, others may be interested in a more comprehensive breast makeover that meets their individual needs. Here are six ways you can take your breast augmentation results […]

Internal Bras: Breast Lift Solution or Gimmick?

Many women hope for dramatic cleavage after a breast augmentation, or want to enjoy the benefits of a breast lift without the necessary scars. Now there’s a device that promises to address both those concerns simultaneously: the Orbix Breast Supporting System, nicknamed the “internal bra.” Can this little gadget really deliver on those claims? How It […]

Saline vs. Silicone: Which Implants Look More Natural?

Before your breast augmentation surgery, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is whether you want saline or silicone breast implants. If you’re like most patients, you’re hoping to get the most natural-looking results possible, so which kind of implant should you choose to help you meet that goal? When Saline Will Suffice Unlike silicone […]

How to Choose the Perfect Breast Implant Size

The number one reason for breast implant revision surgery is due to a woman changing her mind about her implant size. So it’s clear that getting the right-sized implants on the first try can be a challenge. Here are a few tips for how to ensure that you’re choosing the right breast implants to meet your […]

Jogging with Breast Implants: 4 Tips for Staying Active after Augmentation

Avid runners who decide to get breast implants will have a special set of concerns that need to be addressed before and after surgery. By following these tips below, you can help ensure your breast augmentation won’t interfere with your love of running. 1. Communicate Clearly with Your Surgeon Speak very honestly with your surgeon […]

What’s the “Best” Breast Implant?

When considering breast augmentation, it’s easy to learn about your breast implant options online. While all implants will provide increased breast volume, each implant type will have its own benefits and drawbacks. So what’s the best implant type? It depends – read on to see how you can make the right selection for your cosmetic […]

You’re Thinking about Breast Implants. What about a Lift?

A lot of women want to go larger for their breasts, but not as many women realize the breast implants alone, while they’ll increase volume, will not necessarily give you the beautiful breasts of your dreams. Why not? Because implants alone are focused on adding volume, and by themselves will not refine your breast shape […]

Does Post-Implant Breast Massage Make a Difference?

Immediately after breast augmentation, it’s typical for implants to initially appear very high on the chest. This occurs because the implants have not yet “dropped” (settled into the breast pocket), a process that can take several weeks or more. Many plastic surgeons will recommend post-augmentation massaging exercises that a woman should perform at home to […]

4 Breast Facts Every Female Athlete Needs to Know

For centuries, the world of sports was predominantly a man’s world. These days, however, female athletes are just as on the global athletic scene. With breasts being an obvious way in which the girls differ from the boys, many female athletes have struggled with how to fit their busts into their physical lifestyle—sometimes quite literally. […]

4 Ways Your Breasts Benefit from Combining Procedures

While many women seeking breast augmentation primarily want to add volume to their breasts, it’s very common for women also to want to improve their breast shape and placement as well. Incorporating breast implants with a breast lift can resolve both issues at the same time. Here are a few reasons why combining procedures might […]

3 Reasons to Choose Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Although breast enlargement remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, not every woman wants to increase her breast size with implants. There are three main reasons why women may choose fat transfer breast augmentation as an option instead. 1. You Want Only a Small Increase in Size Fat transfer augmentation is an ideal solution […]

Can Women with Tuberous Breasts Still Get Implants?

Not every woman views breast augmentation as a means for simply achieving more volume. For some women, breast implants may offer a solution for asymmetry or help improve overall breast shape and profile. This is especially for women with tuberous breasts. Yet, some sources suggest that breast augmentation in tuberous breasts won’t deliver the best […]

How Breast Implants Improve Existing Asymmetry

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle Almost all women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts. While this is most often very mild and nearly unnoticeable, the unevenness can sometimes be excessive and warrant surgical intervention. For these patients, breast implants can offer a viable solution. Deciding on a Goal In most cases, a comprehensive approach […]

How to Choose the Right Implant Size for Beautiful Augmentation Results

What is beauty? There is perhaps no term more subjective, which is why the task of producing beautiful breast augmentation results can be so complicated. The most important and difficult part of creating beautiful results is the selection of implant size; breaking this process down into a few basic guidelines can help. Communication Is Key […]

The Most Famous Breast Implants of All Time

Hollywood has no shortage of celebrities with breast implants, offering many examples of illustrious careers enhanced by cosmetic surgery. Though some of these celebrities’ surgical enhancements are common knowledge, you may be surprised to learn who else has had breast implants. Famous Over-the-Top Tales For some celebrities, implants are no secret; Los Angeles is home […]

What Does the Future Hold for Breast Implants?

With breast augmentation consistently ranking among the top five cosmetic surgeries performed annually, it’s no wonder that there’s a constant push toward new innovations as far as enhancement is concerned. The current generation of saline and silicone implants represents the pinnacle of medical science as well as aesthetics, so it’s sometimes hard to imagine where […]

Are You a Candidate for Fat Transfer Augmentation?

For decades the choice to seek breast augmentation meant a decision to undergo major surgery, but now a new technique gives you a way to get larger breasts without going under the knife. This procedure is called fat transfer breast augmentation, and more and more doctors are considering it for their patients. What Is Fat […]

3 Tips for Beautiful Breast Augmentation Using Saline

Although both women choose silicone gel breast implants more often than saline, that doesn’t mean that saline implants can’t deliver impressive results as well. Here are three tips that can help ensure beautiful breast augmentation results using saline implants. 1. Choose the Right Candidates Saline implants are simply better suited to some women than others. […]

3 Tips for a Better Breast Augmentation Recovery

The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a very personal and intimate one, so once the procedure is complete I want my patients to recover as soon as possible and start their new life. Here are some tips for a faster and more comfortable recovery. Cool Off the Area Any surgical procedure is likely […]

Mommy Makeovers: Timing Is Everything

Pregnancy and childbirth together create some of the biggest changes that women notice in their bodies, both while they’re occurring and as time passes. These shifts in shape, size and figure are leading more women toward consultations with their local plastic surgeon to ask about getting a Mommy Makeover: a combination of procedure that typically […]

Tips for Boosting Your Breast Appearance

While getting breast augmentation in Tampa is one of the most obvious ways to enhance the appearance of your breasts, it’s definitely not the only way. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can boost your curves. The Right Bra Wearing the right bra size in a style that emphasizes your figure makes […]

How Breast Implants Resolve Asymmetry

While gaining a cup size or two is the prime motivator for most  women considering breast augmentation, that’s not the only reason to get implants. Another bonus of getting breast implants is to resolve any asymmetry between the breasts.  Here’s a closer look at how surgery can help. Evening Out No woman has perfectly symmetrical […]

How to Get a Better Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery can be an important part of the recovery process following a mastectomy. It’s very normal for women to have concerns about whether their results will look and feel natural. With highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants for breast reconstruction in Beverly Hills, women now have a choice that offers a very realistic look and […]