When Should You Switch Your Breast Implants?

You don’t have to dislike your breasts to think about when you should switch your breast implants. Switching implants also doesn’t have to be a bummer, though it might feel that way at first. We spent all this money on a breast augmentation procedure, which means we should enjoy those results for as long as […]

Are You Hoping the Easter Bunny Brings You New Boobs?

Easter is just around the corner and maybe you’re hoping to find something soft and squishy in your basket. (And we’re not talking about brightly colored animal-shaped marshmallows.) Easter is an excellent time to have breast augmentation. In fact, if you have breast augmentation done in the spring, you are actually super clever since you’ll […]

4 Tricks to Keeping Your New Boobs on the Down Low

So, you want to have breast augmentation but don’t know how to keep a boob job private. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Follow these tips to help you become a boob job ninja. 1. Time it Right Winter and spring are the perfect time for savvy ladies like you to schedule their breast augmentation. […]

How to Survive the Breast Augmentation Roller Coaster

So, you get the boob job you’ve always wanted but things aren’t quite how you expected them to be. Use this guide to help you navigate the strange and sometimes frightening path you’ll walk after breast augmentation. Great, You Have Frankenboobs Know this: your boobs will be weird right after breast augmentation. They will sit […]

How to Become Fluent in Boob Job Buzzwords

Don’t know your Frankenboobs from your gummy bears and your unders from your overs? Here’s a quick guide to boob job buzzwords to get you up to speed on the jargon of breast implants. BA Short for breast augmentation, or enlarging the breast by inserting breast implants. Boobie Greed Post-surgery worry that you haven’t gone […]

Age Is Just a Number, Right?

There are times in our lives when age is important. We have to be old enough to vote, old enough to drink, old enough to date, old enough to study astrophysics. But there are other times when age kind of gets in the way, right? So which category does our favorite plastic surgery procedure fall […]

4 Weird Ways Women Keep Trying to Improve Their Boobs

Since time immemorial, women have been trying to make their boobs bigger and better. From herbal supplements to a patented cold water boob douche (yes, this actually existed), there’s been no shortage of strange and unusual products promising to plump those puppies. Here are some of the weird things women are still doing. 1. Ribbon […]

How to Fix Your “Snoopy” Boobs

You’ve almost definitely heard of the Tooth Fairy, but have you heard of the Boob Fairy? She flies by night to bestow blossoming young women with a perfectly-shaped pair of breasts, and she doesn’t even expect payment in return. This tinkerbell of the ta-tas just does her duty to make sure that all’s well in […]

Could Your Breast Implants Be Tax-Deductible?

Two things are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. Each year, Americans brainstorm every possible tax deduction to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their pockets as possible. When it comes to business, you’re entitled to deduct everything essential to do your job. Airline pilots deduct their uniforms, realtors deduct their vehicles and […]

Would You Let Your Boss Buy You a Boob Job?

It’s something of a fantasy, like winning the lottery or finding out that you have a surprise inheritance coming. You want a boob job but it’s just too expensive. Then, one day, your boss offers to pay for it. He says it’s an investment to help attract customers. So do you say yes? A Bad […]

Should You Risk Your Life for a Cheaper Boob Job?

No. Wow, that was the shortest blog post ever! Seriously, you might think that you’re being frugal by shopping around in other countries for the very best deal in cosmetic surgery, but it just isn’t that simple. It’s true that there are some areas in life where corners can (and should) be cut. There’s no […]

How to Make Your Fake Boobs Look Totally Real

Gone are the days of wanting to look like the Baywatch girls. Ladies of the 21st century are interested in natural-looking breast augmentation results that turn heads because they’re flattering, not because they closely resemble flesh-colored hubcaps. So how can you make sure you’ll end up with a boob job that won’t look like Victoria […]

Got Sag? The 3 Worst Types of Sagging (and 3 Solutions)

Honestly, there are no “good” types of body sag—few would rejoice at discovering sagging earlobes, elbows, or toes. However, some kinds of sag are depressingly inevitable. We get older, have children, gain and lose weight, and BOOM! Our posteriors are stampeding toward our ankles. But, we don’t have to weepingly accept the dastardly plans of […]

4 Reasons A-Listers Are Trading in Their DDs

When it comes to breast implants, it seems that celebrities aren’t embracing enormous breast implants the way they used to. Why are starlets trending towards smaller cup sizes and away from giant grapefruits? Here are four reasons you won’t be seeing too many major ta-tas on the red carpet. 1. Smaller Implants Are Just More […]

Imbalanced Boobs? Breast Implants to the Rescue!

Breasts can be like soap opera twins: one of them sweet, pleasant and attractive, and the other awkward, needy and unaccountably uglier than the other. You’ve endured the evil twin for too long; it’s time that she knew her place. To one degree or another, practically every woman has one breast that’s slightly bigger, slightly […]

How Real Life Is Imitating Digital Boob Jobs

Fact: The movie-going public wants its female movie stars to have ample breasts. Problem: Not every movie star has ample breasts. Solution: Graphic designers are unsubtly giving these female movie stars the physical endowments that nature (or plastic surgery) hasn’t. What’s this telling the public? That big breasts increase value. Whether we like it or […]

Should You Blow Your Life Savings On Breast Implants?

Most importantly, what do you want breast augmentation to bring? Breast implants are often called an investment, but relatively few patients really consider the actual, tangible returns. Once you’ve weighed all the physical and psychological benefits, that sticker price will suddenly seem a lot more reasonable.

Is Your Perfect Bikini Missing the Perfect Boobs to Match?

The answer is: Yes, of course. Do you really want to be seen on the beaches of Ipanema or Grand Cayman with a couple of ping pong balls stuffed in your bikini top? C’mon—have some dignity. Just kidding! Your boobs are fine. Probably. Of course, if you feel they aren’t and want to make the […]

How to Get that Classy Stripper Look from Your Breast Implants

As everyone knows, pole dancers with hard-looking, enormous, gapingly-spaced breast implants are at the top of the social pyramid. Who wouldn’t want that life? If you’re itching to join the club, here are a few tips to guarantee your admittance. Go Big or Go Home If you’re not ready to pack the maximum legally allowable […]

How a Boob Job Can Take You from A-Cup to A-Lister

Why live the rest of your life without having the rack that Mother Nature denied you? Small breasts are for gymnasts and half-portion Caesar salad platters, not women who want to look great in spaghetti-strap tank tops! Yes, there are some women who enjoy their small cup size. They can run without extra support, and […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Boob Job Up to 11

Elective cosmetic surgery can definitely feel intimidating. After all, the goal is to look better than ever, and that means the bar is set pretty darn high. If you’re considering amping up your boobage and want excellent results, here are three tips you absolutely must follow. 1. Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Just because […]

Internal Bras: Breast Lift Solution or Gimmick?

Many women hope for dramatic cleavage after a breast augmentation, or want to enjoy the benefits of a breast lift without the necessary scars. Now there’s a device that promises to address both those concerns simultaneously: the Orbix Breast Supporting System, nicknamed the “internal bra.” Can this little gadget really deliver on those claims? How It […]

How to Choose the Perfect Breast Implant Size

The number one reason for breast implant revision surgery is due to a woman changing her mind about her implant size. So it’s clear that getting the right-sized implants on the first try can be a challenge. Here are a few tips for how to ensure that you’re choosing the right breast implants to meet your […]

Jogging with Breast Implants: 4 Tips for Staying Active after Augmentation

Avid runners who decide to get breast implants will have a special set of concerns that need to be addressed before and after surgery. By following these tips below, you can help ensure your breast augmentation won’t interfere with your love of running. 1. Communicate Clearly with Your Surgeon Speak very honestly with your surgeon […]

You’re Thinking about Breast Implants. What about a Lift?

A lot of women want to go larger for their breasts, but not as many women realize the breast implants alone, while they’ll increase volume, will not necessarily give you the beautiful breasts of your dreams. Why not? Because implants alone are focused on adding volume, and by themselves will not refine your breast shape […]

Are Silicone Breast Implants Always Better?

When deciding to have breast augmentation, one of the most important decisions a woman will make before her surgery is whether to get saline or silicone gel breast implants. Each type of implant offers distinct benefits, so it’s a good idea to fully understand the pros and cons of each type in order to get […]

Does Post-Implant Breast Massage Make a Difference?

Immediately after breast augmentation, it’s typical for implants to initially appear very high on the chest. This occurs because the implants have not yet “dropped” (settled into the breast pocket), a process that can take several weeks or more. Many plastic surgeons will recommend post-augmentation massaging exercises that a woman should perform at home to […]

4 Breast Facts Every Female Athlete Needs to Know

For centuries, the world of sports was predominantly a man’s world. These days, however, female athletes are just as on the global athletic scene. With breasts being an obvious way in which the girls differ from the boys, many female athletes have struggled with how to fit their busts into their physical lifestyle—sometimes quite literally. […]

How Breast Implants Improve Existing Asymmetry

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle Almost all women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts. While this is most often very mild and nearly unnoticeable, the unevenness can sometimes be excessive and warrant surgical intervention. For these patients, breast implants can offer a viable solution. Deciding on a Goal In most cases, a comprehensive approach […]

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Curves after Pregnancy

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy to accommodate the precious life growing inside, but the effects of those changes can last long after the baby is born. Although many mothers can be left unhappy with their post-baby body, there are three options that can help you feel sexy and confident again. 1. Breast […]

The Most Famous Breast Implants of All Time

Hollywood has no shortage of celebrities with breast implants, offering many examples of illustrious careers enhanced by cosmetic surgery. Though some of these celebrities’ surgical enhancements are common knowledge, you may be surprised to learn who else has had breast implants. Famous Over-the-Top Tales For some celebrities, implants are no secret; Los Angeles is home […]

What Does the Future Hold for Breast Implants?

With breast augmentation consistently ranking among the top five cosmetic surgeries performed annually, it’s no wonder that there’s a constant push toward new innovations as far as enhancement is concerned. The current generation of saline and silicone implants represents the pinnacle of medical science as well as aesthetics, so it’s sometimes hard to imagine where […]

3 Reasons for Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement procedures are not only among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, but also carry some of the highest post-operative satisfaction ratings of any cosmetic procedure. Whether choosing breast enlargement, breast reduction or a breast lift, here’s a look at the three main reasons why women choose breast enhancement. 1. Making a Physical Change Wanting […]

3 Tips for Beautiful Breast Augmentation Using Saline

Although both women choose silicone gel breast implants more often than saline, that doesn’t mean that saline implants can’t deliver impressive results as well. Here are three tips that can help ensure beautiful breast augmentation results using saline implants. 1. Choose the Right Candidates Saline implants are simply better suited to some women than others. […]

Tips for Boosting Your Breast Appearance

While getting breast augmentation in Tampa is one of the most obvious ways to enhance the appearance of your breasts, it’s definitely not the only way. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can boost your curves. The Right Bra Wearing the right bra size in a style that emphasizes your figure makes […]

How Breast Implants Resolve Asymmetry

While gaining a cup size or two is the prime motivator for most  women considering breast augmentation, that’s not the only reason to get implants. Another bonus of getting breast implants is to resolve any asymmetry between the breasts.  Here’s a closer look at how surgery can help. Evening Out No woman has perfectly symmetrical […]

Are You a Candidate for “Scarless” Breast Reduction?

Breast augmentation isn’t the only option for Los Angeles women who want to enhance their figures. In fact, some women choose the other route of breast reduction to achieve their beauty ideal. Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about a “scarless” approach to reducing breast size. Could you be a candidate? Enhancing Your Breasts […]