What If Your Boobs Don’t Look Like You Anymore?

It might sound silly, but it’s true—boobs are a big part of what makes you…well, you. So what’s a girl to do when fluctuations in weight, pregnancy or even the wrong size breast implants make her feel not so much like herself anymore? That’s exactly what happened to celebrity Chantel Jeffries. My advice? Talk to […]

Can a Really Good Squeeze Pop Your Breast Implants?

You go to all the trouble of planning for your breast augmentation: finding a good plastic surgeon, taking time off work, getting yourself ready for surgery. Then, someone comes along and pops them with a squeeze. Wait. Is this something that can actually happen? So, Can Squeezing Pop Breast Implants? Unless your ta-tas are being […]

Would You Join a “Sex Cult” for a Boob Job? (Please Say No)

R. Kelly is at it again. This time, the infamous singer has allegedly created a “sex cult” that offers its members a complementary boob job. My advice? If you want new knockers, get them on your own terms and stay far, far away from this weirdo. R. Kelly or R. Belly? Before getting mixed up […]

Would You Livestream Your Boob Job on Social Media?

When it comes to breast augmentation trends, we’ve seen a lot of things. From the overdone boob jobs of the 90s to today’s more subtle-looking implants, the breast enhancement industry is not immune to changing fads. And, we think you should do what you want with your own body. But Livestreaming your boob job? For […]

How to Avoid “Potato Boob” after Breast Augmentation

When you’re planning a boob job, it can seem like all your problems are about to be solved. Bigger boobs, more confidence, happier you – check! While it’s tempting to stick with the good news, don’t forget to look into the less pleasing side of breast augmentation too, such as how to avoid “potato boob” […]

Bad Habits to Ditch Before Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is amazing because it’s transformational. So it’s a great chance to grab life by the horns and transform your way out of a few bad habits. These are bad habits to ditch before plastic surgery even starts—but as long as you leave them behind at some point, we’re in business. Think about it […]

Skip the Boob Job: Here’s a T-Shirt to Boost Your Bust Size

Thinking about getting a boob job, but not quite sold yet? Well, now there’s a T-shirt that can make it look like you’ve got DDs, even if you’re really a member of the A-team. Optical Illusions A Japanese clothing brand called Error Code Works has finally developed what women all over the world have been […]

If You Get a Cheap Boob Job, Your Nipples Could Fall Off

Sure, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, so it comes along with a pretty standard set of possible complications. However, if you really want to up your chances of some scary side effects like losing your nipples, sign up for that bargain boob job. Otherwise, minimize the chances of nipple necrosis by picking the right […]

Space-Age Breast Implants That Fight Sag Too? Totally a Thing

As long as there is gravity, boobs will sag. But what if there were a way to fight sagging while giving the girls a lovely boost of volume at the same time? As it turns out, NASA may have found the answer. Check it out. Introducing B-Lite: The Implants from Space Clocking in at a […]

Will Sleeping in a Bra Fight Boob Sag?

When it comes to bra-wearing, there are two distinct camps: one in favor of 24/7 support and one that thinks bras are for the birds. The question is, which side is right? Should the bra-burners become bra-wearers in the name of preserving perkiness? Ravebabe has the answer, once and for all. Bra or No Bra, […]

Why Boobs Look Weird After Getting Breast Implants

Immediately after breast augmentation your boobs might sit unnaturally high or appear misshapen, especially if implants have been placed beneath the chest muscle. We often refer to this phenomenon as Frankenboob. But fear not! It may take 4 to 6 weeks for your implants to settle into place, a process known as Dropping and Fluffing. […]

Ice Massage? Breast Mask? How to Really Fix Saggy Boobies

You know what’s weird? Rubbing stuff on your boobs in an effort to make them less saggy. Did you really think slathering your chest in a homemade concoction of avocado oil, honey and mashed bananas would perk the girls right up? Of course not. But, short of booby ice baths, there are serious things you […]

When Can You Decorate Your New Boobs with Nipple Jewelry?

So, you’ve had breast augmentation, your recovery is complete and you’re super keen to put the cherry on top, so to speak, with some gorgeous nipple jewelry. It’s totally understandable that you’re impatient, after all, you’re the proud owner of some fantastic new breasts, but it’s important to make sure you wait long enough before […]

Should You Take Breast Implant Sizers to the Gym First?

As Khloe Kardashian aptly points out, bigger boobs make for excellent cleavage in a sports bra. While she may covet her sister’s voluptuous curves, Kim reminds her it’s not always easy living with big breasts. We don’t feel too sorry for her, but okay, she’s got a point. Before picking your breast implant size, why […]

The Thing about Side Boob & Other Post-Breast Augmentation Tips

Your breast surgery is over, you already have a few days of Netflix and chill under your belt and you’re ready to start seeing some results. But what about that side boob thing you have going on, and will your implants be that high forever? Here are the answers to these burning questions and some […]

How to Pick a Flattering Bikini Top for Your New Boobs

It’s almost time to hit the beach for summer 2017 and that means one thing – you get to show off the results of your breast augmentation. Of course, this comes with its downsides as well as the obvious advantages of breast implants. For one, how do you dress your fantastic new boobs? Lucky for […]

How to Survive the Dropping & Fluffing Boob Job Stage

Do a quick internet search about breast augmentation recovery, and you’re sure to find all sorts of fun terms, like “drop” and “fluff.” Understanding what these mean, on the other hand, can be a bit more of a challenge, not to mention figuring out what you should be doing during this process to get the […]

How’s Your Underboob Cleavage Looking These Days?

In case you haven’t heard, topside cleavage is out, and under-cleavage is in. But what’s a girl to do if her underboob cleavage game isn’t quite up to par for the latest fashion trends? Don’t panic. Fortunately, breast augmentation can give you the coveted look that’s been popping up all over the red carpet lately. […]

When Should You Switch Your Breast Implants?

You don’t have to dislike your breasts to think about when you should switch your breast implants. Switching implants also doesn’t have to be a bummer, though it might feel that way at first. We spent all this money on a breast augmentation procedure, which means we should enjoy those results for as long as […]

5 Weird Facts about Breast Implants & Breast Procedures

Breast implants are nothing new and have become so popular that nobody even bats an eyelid at the mention of them anymore. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing slightly odd or unusual about breast implants or other breast procedures. On the contrary, weird and wonderful facts aplenty are available for your entertainment and amusement. […]

Are You Hoping the Easter Bunny Brings You New Boobs?

Easter is just around the corner and maybe you’re hoping to find something soft and squishy in your basket. (And we’re not talking about brightly colored animal-shaped marshmallows.) Easter is an excellent time to have breast augmentation. In fact, if you have breast augmentation done in the spring, you are actually super clever since you’ll […]

How to “Do Up” Your Girls Dolly Parton Style

Dolly turned 71 earlier this year and she has long been loud and proud about her boob job. If it’s time for you to follow her lead, here’s what you need to know about breast augmentation. Saline or Silicone? If you want to have lovely results that you can enjoy for years and years just […]

4 Tricks to Keeping Your New Boobs on the Down Low

So, you want to have breast augmentation but don’t know how to keep a boob job private. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Follow these tips to help you become a boob job ninja. 1. Time it Right Winter and spring are the perfect time for savvy ladies like you to schedule their breast augmentation. […]

Should You Worry about Morning Boob?

You may think you know a lot about breast augmentation, particularly if you’ve been planning breast implants of your own, but what do you know about morning boob? It’s pretty common after breast augmentation and there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent it, but the good news is it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. […]

Could Your New Boobs Be Tax Deductible?

While most insurance policies won’t cover boob jobs, is it really possible that your new jugs could be a tax write-off? For one Indiana woman, they sure were. But before you throw caution to the wind and schedule a breast augmentation STAT, there’s something you should know. Stage Props The genius woman who found a […]

Smaller Boobs, Bigger Butts: 2017 is Year of the Rear

Thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez flaunting their fantastic curves proudly, 2017 will likely be another Year of the Rear. 2016’s love for the Brazilian Butt Lift looks set to continue as cosmetic surgery trends point to smaller boobs and bigger butts. It’s official – we like big butts! So, what’s […]

How to Survive the Breast Augmentation Roller Coaster

So, you get the boob job you’ve always wanted but things aren’t quite how you expected them to be. Use this guide to help you navigate the strange and sometimes frightening path you’ll walk after breast augmentation. Great, You Have Frankenboobs Know this: your boobs will be weird right after breast augmentation. They will sit […]

How to NOT Botch Your Breast Augmentation Results

Is it time for breast implants? Whatever your reasons behind wanting breast augmentation, you’re sure to want to get the best results you can. Whether you’re going for breast implants for cosmetic reasons, to boost your confidence or self-esteem or to fix a problem, it’s a big decision and shouldn’t be made lightly. Of course, […]

Are You Getting Breast Implants AND Stretch Marks?!

Breast implants and stretch marks should not even be in the same sentence, or should they? If you get breast augmentation surgery, chances are you were hoping your boobs would look awesome afterward. But, what if your boob job gives you stretch marks?! We don’t mean to stress you out, but it’s time to discuss […]

4 Breast Augmentation Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Breast augmentation can be a fantastic way of getting those boobs you’ve always wanted but weren’t naturally blessed with. We all know that big boobs are not the key to happiness (although they may well help you along the way) and there’s been plenty of media coverage of the various terrible celebrity mistakes that have […]

How to Revoke an Itty Bitty Titty Committee Membership

If you thought your Itty Bitty Titty Committee membership was destined to be permanent, think again. The size of your breasts no longer has to keep you feeling down about your curves, or lack thereof. For all those petite women out there considering breast augmentation, here are three breast enhancement options that are sure to […]

How a Cheap Boob Job Could Break the Bank

Have you ever been told to beware of things that seem too good to be true? That’s actually really good advice. Especially when it comes to boob jobs. While it’s easy to be tempted by a low-priced procedure, don’t do it. Shopping for lawn ornaments is an okay time to be frugal. Shopping for boobs […]

Can You Preview Your Boob Job?

Everyone’s favorite part of going to the movies is the previews, right? There’s no commitment—we just get excited about what we like. It’s almost a disappointment when the movie starts. Okay, we’re exaggerating a bit. But there’s no getting around the fact that previews are pretty darn important. And not just when it comes to […]

Why Grandma Might Be Jealous of Your Breast Implants

If your grandma was giving you the side-eye over the holidays on account of your breast implants, chances are she’s just jealous of your luscious curves. Sure, she may have been thinking that it wasn’t fair for the younguns to have all the fun, but there’s something your granny needs to know: there’s no age […]

3 Weird Things You May Experience after a Boob Job

It’s easy to understand boob job recovery requires some healing and adjustment – after all it is surgery. But who would think it could be so odd? Here are 3 types of weirdness you may experience after your boobies’ big day: The Great Southward Migration When your cosmetic surgeon places your implant, it’s most often […]

Are Nipple Tattoos the Crowning Touch for a Boob Job?

Seemingly the latest in a line of beauty-related trends like vajazzling, a number of women are now opting to have their nipples tattooed to a darker shade. Some women have the procedure done because they report being unhappy with how pale their nipples naturally are, or they feel that tattooing is the perfect finishing touch […]

Dog Bites, Cat Scratches & Saving Your Breast Implants

Breast implants bring up some tricky questions. Is there such a thing as too big? When/if do you tell a new love? Do you let your boobs strut their stuff at parties? Throw in a pet and the questions get even wilder. What if a dog bites your boob? How about a scratch from a […]

How to Become Fluent in Boob Job Buzzwords

Don’t know your Frankenboobs from your gummy bears and your unders from your overs? Here’s a quick guide to boob job buzzwords to get you up to speed on the jargon of breast implants. BA Short for breast augmentation, or enlarging the breast by inserting breast implants. Boobie Greed Post-surgery worry that you haven’t gone […]

4 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Boobs

Whether or not you have them, if you’re breathing then you probably know a thing or two about boobs. Here are 5 boob facts you might not know, but will be sure to liven up the conversation at your next cocktail party. 1. Boobs Change Size Every Month You’ve always known your boobs have a […]

Age Is Just a Number, Right?

There are times in our lives when age is important. We have to be old enough to vote, old enough to drink, old enough to date, old enough to study astrophysics. But there are other times when age kind of gets in the way, right? So which category does our favorite plastic surgery procedure fall […]

4 Weird Ways Women Keep Trying to Improve Their Boobs

Since time immemorial, women have been trying to make their boobs bigger and better. From herbal supplements to a patented cold water boob douche (yes, this actually existed), there’s been no shortage of strange and unusual products promising to plump those puppies. Here are some of the weird things women are still doing. 1. Ribbon […]

Would You Supersize Your Boob Job?

Sure, breast implants can offer excellent result sand even boost your self-esteem, but like tattoos and junk food, are they addicting? For German model, Mayra Hills, also known by her modeling name “Beshine,” they seem to be. Hills reportedly has the largest boob job in the world, topping in at a whopping 32Z. So should […]

3 Things NOT to Do with Breast Implants

Breast implants can be many things for many women. They can boost self-esteem, promote a positive body image and enhance your lovely natural curves. But there are a few select things that they can’t do for you, despite a few extreme cases where some women have tried to do these outrageous three things with theirs. […]

Would You Spend Your Inheritance to Look Like Miss Piggy?

What do Beyonce, Jessica Rabbit and Miss Piggy all have in common? British woman Lauren Boaten is the living embodiment of the three beauties. (Miss Piggy’s beauty may be lost on you, but Kermit was no fool.) Making Wishes Come True Through the magic of plastic surgery and a hefty sum of money she inherited […]

How to Fix Your “Snoopy” Boobs

You’ve almost definitely heard of the Tooth Fairy, but have you heard of the Boob Fairy? She flies by night to bestow blossoming young women with a perfectly-shaped pair of breasts, and she doesn’t even expect payment in return. This tinkerbell of the ta-tas just does her duty to make sure that all’s well in […]

Do Breast Implants Make You a Bad Feminist?

If you’ve got breast implants or are even considering amping up those tatas, but you also consider yourself a feminist, you’re not alone. These days, card-carrying feminists think they can have it all. It’s not enough to expect equal pay, egalitarian treatment and acknowledgement for the often invisible women’s work. Modern feminists believe in ending […]

Finally, Saline Breast Implants that Feel Amazing`

Let’s be honest, saline implants have pretty much played the role of the proverbial redheaded stepchild in the world of breast augmentation, with their silicone counterpart kicking their butt each year in the implant popularity contest. But as Bob Dylan used to say, times they are a-changin’. A new type of saline implant is shattering […]

Bee Stings, Bazoombas and Fun Bags: Our Fave Slang Words for Boobies

Who doesn’t love a great pair of melons, a couple of milk jugs, great big honkers…? You get the picture, right? No matter which way you slice it, calling them anything but breasts is just plain fun, not to mention creative. Hey, if you’re still saying breasts, bosoms or mammaries, you may just want to […]

The Guy Who Lost a Bet, Got Breast Implants & Kept Them

It’s all about the moobs, friend. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Man boobs are the way to win big. That’s probably why Las Vegas gambler and magician Brian Zembic has kept his $100,000 boob job. In 1998, a backgammon player bet Zembic $100,000 that he wouldn’t get breast implants and let them adorn […]

How to Get a Subtle Boob Job (Yes, Really)

A famous rapper once eloquently stated, “Mo’ boobies, mo’ problems.” Okay, so that wasn’t the exact quote from Biggie Smalls, but maybe it would have been if he were still alive and rapping today. The fact of the matter is, in this Nicki Minaj-dominated world of super-sized butts that we live in, big boobs (or […]

Would You Trade Your Car for a Boob Job?

If you’re dreaming of the day when your tatas reach their full potential with a boob job, then you’d better start counting your pennies. And by pennies, we mean dollars, a whole lotta dollars. Mr. Piggy Bank may not be able to see you through this one. So what’s a girl to do? Cash in […]

Have You Heard of the Guy Who Collects Breast Implants?

We like to think that “The Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus didn’t plan to start collecting breast implants. Surely, it was an accident, just something that happened to him. And it is, kinda. A Matching Set A female fan once sent Reedus a silicone breast implant. (When you care enough to send the very best, […]

4 Totally Legit Reasons to Get a Boob Job

So you think you want a boob job, but maybe you’re searching for the perfect reason to justify breast implants. You’re welcome to sample from our list of highly legitimate reasons for going big in the boob department. 1. Your Boyfriend Loves Giant, Fake Boobs Whether he’s the flavor of the week or your longtime […]

How to Perform Party Tricks with Your Breast Implants

Busty gals, you possess the ability to perform special hidden talents that can come in very handy the next time you’re at a lame or lifeless party. Sorry flat-chested gals, but here are some sweet party tricks that are only possible with breast implants. Light ‘Em Up A boring party always needs a good ice […]

Could Your Breast Implants Be Tax-Deductible?

Two things are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. Each year, Americans brainstorm every possible tax deduction to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their pockets as possible. When it comes to business, you’re entitled to deduct everything essential to do your job. Airline pilots deduct their uniforms, realtors deduct their vehicles and […]

Could Your Breast Implants Be Tax-Deductible?

Two things are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. Each year, Americans brainstorm every possible tax deduction to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their pockets as possible. When it comes to business, you’re entitled to deduct everything essential to do your job. Airline pilots deduct their uniforms, realtors deduct their vehicles and […]

4 Reasons to Treat Yo’Self… to Breast Implants

“I wish I was flat-chested,” said no one ever. Here are four reasons why life is abundantly better with bigger boobs, making breast implants the perfect gift to give yourself. 1. Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem and Crank up Your Confidence When you look good, you feel good.  Everyone knows that. Multiple studies have shown that women […]

4 Signs It’s Time to Make Some Ch-Ch-Changes to Your Breast Implants

In a world where chaos is the organizing principle, change is the only constant. This adage is true for things both great and small, and that includes your breast implants. In case you need a little help determining when time’s up on your current set of tatas, we’ve got a few clues for you. 1. […]

4 Breast Implant Designs that Flopped Big Time

Like many things, the boob job has had a bit of a sketchy history with more than one wacky twist. Thankfully, manufacturers are pretty solid these days on what does and doesn’t work in breast implants. And what works are saline and silicone. And what doesn’t work are these things. 1. Ivory Balls In the […]

So Your Teen Wants Breast Implants. Now What?

It’s no secret that breast size can significantly impact teenagers’ self esteem as they grow older and notice their peers developing at different rates than they are. Some girls think they would date more if they had a boob job or that plastic surgery would stop bullying. If your daughter is giving you the runaround […]

Would You Let Your Boss Buy You a Boob Job?

It’s something of a fantasy, like winning the lottery or finding out that you have a surprise inheritance coming. You want a boob job but it’s just too expensive. Then, one day, your boss offers to pay for it. He says it’s an investment to help attract customers. So do you say yes? A Bad […]

The Skinny on Breast Implant Revision Scars

It’s not uncommon for women with breast implants to have breast implant revision surgery at some point in their lives, whether because of an implant issue or simply to update their augmentation results. As with any surgery, breast implant revision requires incisions, which inevitably results in some amount of scarring. However, breast implant revision doesn’t […]

Go Big or Go Home: When Bigger Breast Implants Are Just Right

If you’ve been looking into breast augmentation, you’ve probably heard talk about getting a “subtle boost” for “natural looking proportions.” But some of you ladies out there couldn’t give a hoot about subtlety. You’re out to get huge knockers and nothing’s gonna hold you back. Well, we’ve got some good news for you. There are […]

Do Women with Breast Implants Have Better Sex?

70 percent of women who had breast enhancement surgery said their sex life satisfaction improved, according to this RealSelf study. The increase in satisfaction to their sex life after breast augmentation brings up a few simple truths that are sometimes overlooked when considering the benefits of breast enhancement surgery, but are important to consider when […]

The Skinny on Getting Your Pre-Weight Loss Boobs Back

So you’ve been dropping the pounds with your mad gym routine and healthy diet, but your girls seem to be taking it hard. Boobs are mostly comprised of fat, so it’s not that surprising that losing weight can make your assets go from hero to zero. Sure, you’ve heard that size doesn’t matter, but who […]

Are More Baby Boomers Getting Boob Jobs?

Baby boomer boob jobs? It’s more likely than you think. Most of us (whether we admit it out loud or not) have some preconceived notions about plastic surgery. It’s easy to envision the typical breast augmentation patient as a bleach-blonde starlet with self-esteem issues and far too many pairs of shoes, but the reality couldn’t […]

Gummy Bear Implants: The Story behind the Name

No, they aren’t big globs of gummy candy stuck to your chest, but that doesn’t mean cohesive silicone gel implants (popularly tagged with the term “gummy bear”) won’t make you look a little sweeter. Since March 2012, when the FDA approved the use of gummy bear implants in the U.S., these high-strength silicone gel implants […]

No, You’re Not Crazy to Want Breast Implants

Society loves disapprove of ladies who get boob jobs. The implication is that there must be something very, very wrong with anyone who isn’t perfectly happy with her body exactly as Mother Nature gave her. Right. Which is why none of us should get haircuts, hit the gym, or in any other way change our […]

Will Your New Baby Ruin Your Boob Job?

You’ve peed on a stick, you’ve been to the doctor, and the results are in: you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is always an exciting time, but as many of us know, the physical changes that come along with it can be…well…significant. Pregnancy is notorious for changing the size and shape of our boobs. But what if you’ve […]

So He Says He Doesn’t Like Fake Boobs. Now What?

Seriously, if you want breast implants, you should have your implants, regardless of the loud protests of your most beloved partner. Of course, if your partner is just saying this to make you feel good about yourself yet secretly harbors a strong desire for a spouse/girlfriend with huge gazongas, then your relationship might not be […]

Should You Risk Your Life for a Cheaper Boob Job?

No. Wow, that was the shortest blog post ever! Seriously, you might think that you’re being frugal by shopping around in other countries for the very best deal in cosmetic surgery, but it just isn’t that simple. It’s true that there are some areas in life where corners can (and should) be cut. There’s no […]

Can Implants Perk Up Those Sagging Boobs?

Breast implants aren’t the only answer to every boob problem, especially when it comes to saggy breasts. To explain this using imaginary visual aids, if you put a bowling ball into a nylon stocking, you wouldn’t expect the stocking to shrink, would you? Well, your breast skin and tissue are quite nylon-like in some ways. […]

How to Make Your Fake Boobs Look Totally Real

Gone are the days of wanting to look like the Baywatch girls. Ladies of the 21st century are interested in natural-looking breast augmentation results that turn heads because they’re flattering, not because they closely resemble flesh-colored hubcaps. So how can you make sure you’ll end up with a boob job that won’t look like Victoria […]

But How Will Those New Boobs Look when You’re 70?

They’ll look fantastic! The rest of you, on the other hand… Just kidding! We’re sure that you’ll keep yourself trim, smooth and vibrant well into your golden years. It’s completely understandable, though, to have concerns about how breast implants will look in relation to an older body. And no wonder. You’ve probably seen candid bikini […]

Got Sag? The 3 Worst Types of Sagging (and 3 Solutions)

Honestly, there are no “good” types of body sag—few would rejoice at discovering sagging earlobes, elbows, or toes. However, some kinds of sag are depressingly inevitable. We get older, have children, gain and lose weight, and BOOM! Our posteriors are stampeding toward our ankles. But, we don’t have to weepingly accept the dastardly plans of […]

4 Reasons A-Listers Are Trading in Their DDs

When it comes to breast implants, it seems that celebrities aren’t embracing enormous breast implants the way they used to. Why are starlets trending towards smaller cup sizes and away from giant grapefruits? Here are four reasons you won’t be seeing too many major ta-tas on the red carpet. 1. Smaller Implants Are Just More […]

Imbalanced Boobs? Breast Implants to the Rescue!

Breasts can be like soap opera twins: one of them sweet, pleasant and attractive, and the other awkward, needy and unaccountably uglier than the other. You’ve endured the evil twin for too long; it’s time that she knew her place. To one degree or another, practically every woman has one breast that’s slightly bigger, slightly […]

How Real Life Is Imitating Digital Boob Jobs

Fact: The movie-going public wants its female movie stars to have ample breasts. Problem: Not every movie star has ample breasts. Solution: Graphic designers are unsubtly giving these female movie stars the physical endowments that nature (or plastic surgery) hasn’t. What’s this telling the public? That big breasts increase value. Whether we like it or […]

Should You Blow Your Life Savings On Breast Implants?

Most importantly, what do you want breast augmentation to bring? Breast implants are often called an investment, but relatively few patients really consider the actual, tangible returns. Once you’ve weighed all the physical and psychological benefits, that sticker price will suddenly seem a lot more reasonable.

Should You Pick Silicone or Saline for Your Sweet 16?

There’s a South American phenomenon of 16-year-old girls (and younger) desperately clamoring for breast augmentation—so much so that in one case, a girl joined a cartel to get the money to pay for her boob job. It’s estimated that 40 percent of all cosmetic surgeries in Colombia are performed on girls under the age of […]

Even Dear Abby Knows What’s Up with Breast Implants

Who would have thought that a stalwart advice columnist could be so progressive about boob jobs? Yet in answering this question about breast implants, Dear Abby gave body-positive advice that surprised her audience. Of course, she’s right—breast implants are extremely personal, and if you’re an adult, you should be able to make whatever decisions about […]

Is Your Perfect Bikini Missing the Perfect Boobs to Match?

The answer is: Yes, of course. Do you really want to be seen on the beaches of Ipanema or Grand Cayman with a couple of ping pong balls stuffed in your bikini top? C’mon—have some dignity. Just kidding! Your boobs are fine. Probably. Of course, if you feel they aren’t and want to make the […]

How to Get that Classy Stripper Look from Your Breast Implants

As everyone knows, pole dancers with hard-looking, enormous, gapingly-spaced breast implants are at the top of the social pyramid. Who wouldn’t want that life? If you’re itching to join the club, here are a few tips to guarantee your admittance. Go Big or Go Home If you’re not ready to pack the maximum legally allowable […]

How a Boob Job Can Take You from A-Cup to A-Lister

Why live the rest of your life without having the rack that Mother Nature denied you? Small breasts are for gymnasts and half-portion Caesar salad platters, not women who want to look great in spaghetti-strap tank tops! Yes, there are some women who enjoy their small cup size. They can run without extra support, and […]

Are Smaller Boobs the Next Big Thing?

If celebrity habits are any indication of what the culture demands, certain internal fashion accessories are now being downsized. It seems as though the bastions of big boobs are having their implants reduced. That’s right—Heidi Montag now has smaller breasts, so the rest of the nation is soon to follow. Bringing Small Boobs Back It […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Boob Job Up to 11

Elective cosmetic surgery can definitely feel intimidating. After all, the goal is to look better than ever, and that means the bar is set pretty darn high. If you’re considering amping up your boobage and want excellent results, here are three tips you absolutely must follow. 1. Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Just because […]

4 Tricks to Keep Your New Boobs from Looking Like Baseballs

No one wants her breasts to feel or look like sports equipment. Unfortunately, so many boob jobs end up looking like baseballs strapped to an unassuming chest that the general public has drawn the incorrect conclusion that all breast augmentations must produce these results. Turns out, not so much. Here are four ways you can […]

Am I Crazy for Wanting Smaller Breast Implants?

The short answer is: No, not at all. In fact, you’re a good deal saner than some. The fact is, breast implants have gotten a woeful rap specifically because some patients (and surgeons) just didn’t know when to say “when,” and apparently, many patients (and surgeons) are absolutely fine with the way-too-obvious-looking results. It’s amazing. […]

When a Bigger Boob Job Is Definitely Is Better

Breast implants were originally conceived to give women with either flat or just-shy-of flat chests enhanced curves. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that there are any laws against implants for the more amply endowed. We definitely don’t want to encourage anyone to go for the classic Dolly Parton look if that’s not what you want, […]

Getting Your New Breast Implants to Play Nice at the Gym

If you’re less than thrilled with the hand you’ve been dealt at Mother Nature’s boob table, you might be considering breast enhancement surgery as your best option. But wait—does getting breast implants mean you’ll have to give up your beloved CrossFit training? Perish the thought! The key to exercising after getting breast implants isn’t to […]

Have Your Breasts Fallen and Can’t Get Up?

Almost nothing – be it a balloon, a property value, or stock price – will stay aloft forever. Breasts are no different. Eventually, age, gravity, and standard wear and tear will cause deflation of some sort, and we must use whichever tools we have to keep our valuables as perky and youthful as possible. But […]

Will Breast Implants Give You the Perfect Shape?

Women interested in breast augmentation are often just as concerned with shape as they are with size. Like size, breast shape is a personal preference and varies from individual to individual, so the perfect breast shape and size remain subjective preferences rather than a “one size fits all” situation. “Ideal” Breast Shape However, a recent study […]

3 Benefits of Breast Implants for a Pear-Shaped Figure

If you have a pear-shaped figure, you probably have the kind of generous curves below the waist that slimmer figures often envy. However, a little extra boost in the breast area can offer three main benefits for those women who want transform that pear into a classic hourglass. 1. Create a More Proportionate Look Pear-shaped […]

3 Reasons Breast Implants Should Be on Your Christmas List

With the holiday season fast approaching and the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping upon us, thoughts of giving gifts to loved ones is on everyone’s mind. Yet, while shopping for your nearest and dearest is certainly gratifying, it’s equally important to remember your own needs during the season of giving, too. Here are three […]

6 Reasons to Quit Smoking before Getting Breast Implants

Each year on the third Sunday of November, the American Cancer Society celebrates the  Great American Smokeout: a 24-hour challenge in which participants stop smoking and start changing their lives. The hope is that those who can make it through the first 24 hours will be encouraged to make their smoking cessation more permanent, a […]

The Top 5 Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange

Breast revision surgery is ideal for patients who aren’t happy with their current implants and are ready for a change, allowing you to exchange your implants for results that will give you the beautiful look you deserve. Here’s a look at the most common reasons women choose to have a revision surgery and swap out […]

Saline vs. Silicone: Which Implants Look More Natural?

Before your breast augmentation surgery, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is whether you want saline or silicone breast implants. If you’re like most patients, you’re hoping to get the most natural-looking results possible, so which kind of implant should you choose to help you meet that goal? When Saline Will Suffice Unlike silicone […]

What’s the “Best” Breast Implant?

When considering breast augmentation, it’s easy to learn about your breast implant options online. While all implants will provide increased breast volume, each implant type will have its own benefits and drawbacks. So what’s the best implant type? It depends – read on to see how you can make the right selection for your cosmetic […]

You’re Thinking about Breast Implants. What about a Lift?

A lot of women want to go larger for their breasts, but not as many women realize the breast implants alone, while they’ll increase volume, will not necessarily give you the beautiful breasts of your dreams. Why not? Because implants alone are focused on adding volume, and by themselves will not refine your breast shape […]

Are Silicone Breast Implants Always Better?

When deciding to have breast augmentation, one of the most important decisions a woman will make before her surgery is whether to get saline or silicone gel breast implants. Each type of implant offers distinct benefits, so it’s a good idea to fully understand the pros and cons of each type in order to get […]