3 Fake Fixes for Saggy Boobs (& 1 That Works)

Are saggy boobs getting you down? The internet is awash with magic remedies and quick fixes that claim to be the Holy Grail of lifting your boobs but, as with most of these things, they’re not to be trusted. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is – as you’ll see when […]

When Boob Lifts Go to the Vampires, Should You Go Along?

Surely by now, we all get how it’s a good idea to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon for anything involving your boobs. And surely we don’t have to tell you that Dracula doesn’t fall into the category of breast-improvement specialists. Then again, maybe we do. Lady celebs at the 2016 Oscars got a gift certificate […]

Can a Breast Lift Mean a Better Boob Job?

Getting a boob job seems simple enough. Choose between saline or silicone, figure out a size profile and find a surgeon. Done! Well, not quite. There’s a whole lot to take into account while doing your research, from incisions and placement to texture and shape. You want the best, and making the best choice takes […]

Can Implants Perk Up Those Sagging Boobs?

Breast implants aren’t the only answer to every boob problem, especially when it comes to saggy breasts. To explain this using imaginary visual aids, if you put a bowling ball into a nylon stocking, you wouldn’t expect the stocking to shrink, would you? Well, your breast skin and tissue are quite nylon-like in some ways. […]

Got Sag? The 3 Worst Types of Sagging (and 3 Solutions)

Honestly, there are no “good” types of body sag—few would rejoice at discovering sagging earlobes, elbows, or toes. However, some kinds of sag are depressingly inevitable. We get older, have children, gain and lose weight, and BOOM! Our posteriors are stampeding toward our ankles. But, we don’t have to weepingly accept the dastardly plans of […]

Get Back the Killer Rack You Had in College

When it comes to keeping us firmly adhered to the earth’s surface, we have no better friend than gravity. However, when it comes to our boobs, gravity just turns its fickle back and lets ‘em fall. But we don’t have to yield to the inevitable boob droop that comes with growing older—we can fight! Here are […]

Bye Bye Breast Implants! How a Breast Lift Can Reboot Your Bust Line

Well, maybe not “bye, bye” breast implants. Uh… don’t go anywhere quite yet. Hang on for just a moment. Your call is very important to us. As a breast enhancement tool, implants are clearly the gold standard. They can help to firm, reshape, create symmetry, and (obviously) enlarge the breasts. But not everyone needs or […]

Breast Implants or Lift? 3 Questions to Help You Decide

While every body type has its own unique charms and no one should rigidly adhere to a single standard of beauty, if your curves seem to be succumbing to gravity more than you’d like lately, the thought of considering cosmetic breast procedures might have crossed your mind once or twice. But what kind of breast […]

Internal Bras: Breast Lift Solution or Gimmick?

Many women hope for dramatic cleavage after a breast augmentation, or want to enjoy the benefits of a breast lift without the necessary scars. Now there’s a device that promises to address both those concerns simultaneously: the Orbix Breast Supporting System, nicknamed the “internal bra.” Can this little gadget really deliver on those claims? How It […]

Can a Breast Lift Bring Out Your “True” Cup Size?

A breast lift can eliminate excess saggy skin to counteract the effects of aging and gravity, giving you perkier, firmer breasts. However, before having a breast lift, you should realize the effect the procedure might have on your perceived breast size. Being informed on how your cup size will be affected before your procedure can […]

You’re Thinking about Breast Implants. What about a Lift?

A lot of women want to go larger for their breasts, but not as many women realize the breast implants alone, while they’ll increase volume, will not necessarily give you the beautiful breasts of your dreams. Why not? Because implants alone are focused on adding volume, and by themselves will not refine your breast shape […]

4 Ways Your Breasts Benefit from Combining Procedures

While many women seeking breast augmentation primarily want to add volume to their breasts, it’s very common for women also to want to improve their breast shape and placement as well. Incorporating breast implants with a breast lift can resolve both issues at the same time. Here are a few reasons why combining procedures might […]