Would You Try Crowdfunding Your Breast Reduction?

People crowdfund everything these days, from college funds to breast reductions. Before you put on your judgmental hat, though, take a look at one woman’s story. Kya, a 21-year-old with HH boobs once got stuck in a bathtub because of the size of her chest. That’s part of the reason why she’s started a crowdfunding […]

So You Had a Breast Reduction & Want Your Boobs Back

If you had a breast reduction in the past and now miss your boobs, you’re definitely not alone. Big-boobed women who get their breasts reduced at a fairly young age may find that a combination of weight changes, babies and aging means they fall out of love with their smaller chest. If you find yourself […]

4 Breast Reduction Tips from One Gal to Another

If your boobs are so big that they need their own zip code, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of a breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty. Womanly curves can be a wonderful asset, but it’s no fun when your breasts take up more space than you’d like or get in the way of a life […]

Seriously, Ladies: Ditch those Breast Reduction Scars

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as “scarless” breast reduction, and if you’ve already had the “scar-full” version, we’re sorry that you only learned of this now. What Is Scarless Breast Reduction? Scarless breast reduction is a significantly less invasive version of traditional breast reduction. The technique involves liposuction of the excess fat deposits in […]

Can Breast Reduction Relieve Back Pain?

Women may undergo breast reduction surgery to achieve more proportional contours, to participate more easily in athletics or to gain a more attractive profile. However, one of the most common reasons that women may elect to have breast reduction is to relieve the physical discomfort caused by overly large breasts. What Are the Pains Associated […]

4 Breast Facts Every Female Athlete Needs to Know

For centuries, the world of sports was predominantly a man’s world. These days, however, female athletes are just as on the global athletic scene. With breasts being an obvious way in which the girls differ from the boys, many female athletes have struggled with how to fit their busts into their physical lifestyle—sometimes quite literally. […]

Are Your DDs Bringing You Down? 3 Signs You Might Consider Breast Reduction

While many women want nothing more than to boost their breast size, you may be surprised how many patients suffer with pain, discomfort, and inconvenience due to overly large breasts. For patients with large breasts that limit mobility, restrict wardrobe choices, or attract unwanted attention, breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure. Here are three […]