Should You Surgically Change the Color of Your Eyes?

Have you ever wished that your eyes were a different color? Would you prefer blue, green, hazel or brown? There are some unusual cosmetic surgery options available and one of them involves permanently changing your eye color by having artificial irises implanted. There are, of course, less invasive ways of changing the color of your […]

Why Asian Eyelid Surgery Isn’t about Looking Western

If you wear camouflage-inspired fashion, it doesn’t mean you want to join the army or head off into the woods to shoot deer. If you dye your hair blue, it’s probably not because you want to look like a Smurf. And if you decide to get breast implants, the world doesn’t rush in to say […]

Are Your Contacts Setting You Up for Eyelid Surgery

If you’re reading this through contact lenses, you could be headed for droopy eyelids. And you’re not alone, my friend. More than 30 million Americans wear contact lenses, according to the Centers for Disease Control. So what’s the big deal? Lots of people wear contacts and love them. But here’s the thing: Your eyes may […]

3 Reasons Blepharoplasty Is Eye-Poppingly Great

Unless you’ve built your entire career around your heavy-lidded, seductive eyes to the point where they’re practically considered a trademark, having seriously hooded eyelids can be a practical and an aesthetic disadvantage. There are three reasons why an expertly executed eyelid lift so regularly lands rave reviews. 1. Eyelid Surgery Can Help You Look Younger […]

Permanent Surprise Party or Eyelid Surgery?

If you feel as though your eyes are betraying your age, eyelid surgery might be just the ticket. Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, removes excess skin from the upper eyelid, and can also fix bagginess in the lower lids. It is often performed just for aesthetic reasons, although some patients find their eyelids are sagging […]