You Really Don’t Want to Risk DIY Lip Injections, Do You!?

Bargain-hunting can be a really rewarding pastime – after all, why would you pay full price when you can get a discount? As some people have already learned the hard way, there are some things in life you shouldn’t cheap out on for fear of things going horribly wrong. DIY lip filler injections definitely fall […]

You Could Try BOTOX® on Your Lips But It Could Get Awkward

If you’ve always wanted that pouty, sultry lip look but haven’t been gifted with a naturally plump pair, you’re in luck. There’s a new BOTOX® trend designed specifically for this purpose. But before you sign up, know that there’s a catch. The “Lip Flip” BOTOX Trend Lip injections certainly aren’t a new thing. But what […]

Lip Reduction Surgery?! Why the Age of the Plump Lip Isn’t Over

Lip reduction surgery is a new trend we’ve seen popping up across social media platforms. But why? you may be asking. We’re wondering the same thing. Your lips can thin with age, so we’re still loving the plump, luscious look. Research shows the trend of lip reduction is more popular in Asian countries, while here […]

Lip Plump Challenge Left You Black and Blue?

The Kardashians, known best for their stellar judgment and medical expertise, are clearly the experts when it comes to sensible life decisions about your appearance. As such, Kylie Jenner offers a solution to your barely-there kisser: lip plumping! Now, this is not to be confused with legit lip fillers injected artfully by an actual medical […]