How to Nix Your Moobs by Next Christmas

Why spend another holiday with a chest to match Santa’s when you could be saying adios to that man boob situation? Take a look at how gynecomastia treatment can help you get that super sexy physique you want just in time for next Christmas. Your Gynecomastia Treatment Options Gynecomastia is a long-winded way of saying […]

The Trick to a Moob-Free Summer? Male Breast Reduction in the Fall

Do man boobs put a damper on your summer fun? Why not start planning your male breast reduction this fall so you can flaunt your smooth, sexy chest all summer long? Take a look at the top three reasons why fall might be the best time for male breast reduction surgery. 1. Your Busy Summer […]

Is Scrotox the Next Big Trend?

You’ve likely heard of vaginal rejuvenation by now, right? Well, “scrotox” just might be its new counterpart for the fellas. In case this cute play on words didn’t quite spell it out enough, scrotox focuses on giving male private parts a little oomph of their own for obvious and even some not-so-obvious reasons. What Is […]

One Unexpectedly Big Perk of the Male Tummy Tuck

Through a tummy tuck, men can expect to get rid of unwanted excess skin, feel more confident about their appearance and maybe even stack up a little larger in the bedroom. That’s right. If loose skin has been keeping you from showing off all that you’ve got, a tummy tuck may just be the answer. […]

Male Plastic Surgery Trends in Australia and the U.S.

More and more men are placing a high value on how they look. To quote George Orwell, “At 50, everyone has the face he deserves.” But it seems that more and more Aussie men think that they don’t have to grin and bear it. While there are no hard data on the number of men who […]

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs for Good

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in boys or men, causing what are often referred to as “man boobs.” As long as it’s not a symptom of a more serious illness, the condition itself is not inherently dangerous. However, it can be very emotionally and psychologically traumatic. Adolescent boys who develop gynecomastia usually experience […]

Celebs with Moobs: Leer and Learn

Those same snarky websites that dish the dirt on the worst dressed celebrities and discuss whose plastic surgery is the most shocking also enjoy talking about man boobs.  Whether you’re a sports hero like Charles Barkley, a rock legend like Steven Tyler or a reality TV star like Simon Cowell, if you have man boobs, […]