Don’t Spend Another Christmas Party Hiding Pit Stains

Hands up if you can’t ever put your hands up on the dancefloor because you’re too busy hiding sweaty pit stains? Okay, so we all know that sweating is perfectly natural, but that doesn’t really make it any less gross. Besides the ick factor, who wants their new party clothes destroyed by the dreaded underarm […]

Anti-Aging Treatments That Could Even Help Mrs. Claus Look Young Again

The busiest time of the year is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to look tired and stressed out until after New Year’s. Give yourself the gift of some of the most effective anti-aging treatments around. In fact, they’re so good that they could help even Mrs. Claus bring sexy back. After all, […]

‘Tis the Season to Think about Your Bikini Line. (No Really, It Is.)

There has to be a better way to take care of hair down there, right? Luckily, if you play your cards right this winter, you could have a smooth, sexy bikini line in time for summer, thanks to laser hair removal. Not quite convinced? Let’s take a closer look at your three main bikini line […]

You Really Don’t Want to Risk DIY Lip Injections, Do You!?

Bargain-hunting can be a really rewarding pastime – after all, why would you pay full price when you can get a discount? As some people have already learned the hard way, there are some things in life you shouldn’t cheap out on for fear of things going horribly wrong. DIY lip filler injections definitely fall […]

How to Ruin Your Christmas Photos in 3 Med Spa Treatments or Fewer

A lot of us run to get med spa treatments for the holidays so we can look gorgeous in those obligatory Christmas photos. Maybe you’re thinking of going the other way, though. If you want to stick it to Big Photo this year by looking awful, here’s our exclusive guide to ruining your family pictures. […]

3 Really Gross Spa Treatments You’ll Definitely Regret

In a time when wasp venom, snake slime and vampire facials are gaining more internet stardom than they probably should, you might think you’ve heard it all when it comes to outlandish cosmetic treatments. Unfortunately, we’re apparently just getting started. If you’re looking for skin treatments for flawless skin, please don’t try these utterly gross […]

How miraDry® Can Help You Join the Reformed Chronic Sweater Club

Hands up if you’re already shopping for holiday party outfits. When you’re planning what to wear to your Thanksgiving, Christmas or other celebrations, it’s pretty certain that you’re not hoping for some massive sweat stains to bloom in your underarms. If you are, well, each to their own! If not, miraDry® could well be the […]

How to Look Extra Awkward for the Office Christmas Party

Tis the season for more pumpkin spice than you can handle, ugly sweaters and, of course, office Christmas parties. Trying to look your best to catch the eye of the hottie in the next cubicle over is one thing, but trying way too hard is another. Here are three surefire ways to look super awkward […]

A Laser Could Fade Your Acne Scars. Not Even Kidding.

You know those pesky pimples that you tried so hard to get rid of in high school? Well, if you’re like lots of us, those pimples may have taken a hike, but they left some serious scarring behind. But not to worry! The right laser treatments can banish those acne scars once and for all. […]

They Want to Put What on Your Face!? The Facials You Shouldn’t Get

If you want your face to look good, you need to take care of it. That much is a no-brainer. Home skincare is fantastic nowadays, so you can do most of it yourself if you prefer to, but there’s no luxury quite like having a professional facial. Plus, your skin will thank you for it. […]

When BOTOX® Goes Wrong, Can You Fix a Mistake?!

You look in the mirror after getting BOTOX®. What are you thinking? Is it: “Wow, I look like a refreshed and youthful version of my gorgeous self?” Or is it more like: “Dear God, what have I done?!” We hope it’s not the latter but, if so, you’re not alone. We all know bad BOTOX® […]

That Fountain of Youth Just Might Live in a Vial of BOTOX®

If you’re still on the hunt for some sort of mythical foundation of youth, you might want to take a closer look at BOTOX®. This popular anti-aging treatment has probably been behind those seemingly ageless celebrities for years, but it was done so well that we never even knew. Thankfully, BOTOX isn’t just for the […]

How to Make a Preemptive Strike Against Wrinkles

It can seem like as soon as that last youthful pimple clears up, the first fine line of adulthood appears. Life cannot just be one slow transition from zits to wrinkles, can it? Can you nip those dastardly wrinkles in the bud and enjoy your clear and youthful face for a freaking minute? Yes. Yes, […]

3 DIY Skin Care Secrets That You Should Not DIY

Take a quick look around the internet and you’ll find an overwhelming amount of skin care “secrets” to try on your own at home. But beware, because many of these skin care DIYs are actually just myths that could end up making matters worse. These are some of the most popular culprits, and what you […]

You Could Try BOTOX® on Your Lips But It Could Get Awkward

If you’ve always wanted that pouty, sultry lip look but haven’t been gifted with a naturally plump pair, you’re in luck. There’s a new BOTOX® trend designed specifically for this purpose. But before you sign up, know that there’s a catch. The “Lip Flip” BOTOX Trend Lip injections certainly aren’t a new thing. But what […]

You Can Remove a Tattoo with Salt?! How about You Don’t?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to get rid of your tattoo. Maybe it didn’t quite come out like you’d hoped. Or maybe you’ve just outgrown the thing. It happens. But what you shouldn’t be doing to try to get rid of it is rubbing salt on your skin until it, well, […]

How NOT to Botch Your Pre-Wedding BOTOX® Results

Never mind the “til death do us part”, the most important part of your wedding is the quality of the photos you show off on Instagram! Ok, maybe it’s not, but who wants terrible photos doing the rounds on social media? If you’re planning a little BOTOX® to boost your appearance in perhaps the most […]

Leave the Lasers at Home to Your Cat & Your Skin to the Pros

Laser skin resurfacing can be amazing, but can also be quite expensive, so those gadgets and gizmos designed to let you do it yourself at home may seem like a win-win solution. You—in theory—get the results you’re looking for, you save cash and you don’t even need to go out to do it. (Especially if […]

There’s miraDry® & There’s Those Other Sweat-Stopping Hacks

Hands up if you need some tips for banishing sweat marks, stickiness and generally feeling a bit uncomfortable when the weather hots up? Or rather, hands down because you don’t want to advertise the fact… Fear not, help is at hand with these outstanding sweat-stopping hacks. Can We Get an Amen for miraDry®? Perhaps the […]

3 Secret Uses for BOTOX®

BOTOX® is our BFF when it comes to disappearing wrinkles, but there are even more things that BOTOX is secretly very good at. Like some kind of guardian superhero (a dark knight of cosmetics?), BOTOX has a way of offering surprising solutions to problems that you didn’t even know where in its wheelhouse. To be […]

3 DIY Skin Treatments You Should Never, Ever Try

Slowly back out of the kitchen. Put down the mixing bowl. What you’re concocting in there should never be slathered all over your face. If you’ve been emboldened by Pinterest or you’re just looking to clear your skin up and get rid of some leftover condiments at the same time, this is your reality check. […]

4 Sketchy Things Your Skin May Do after Microneedling

Microneedling can be an amazing way to boost your skin and your self-confidence. No more letting pesky acne scars, slightly saggy skin or premature aging get you down – a quick visit or two to your reputable med spa aesthetician could have you looking fab again by spurring on your collagen production. Of course, this […]

Can You Diet Away Cellulite or Should You Just Try Cellfina™?

Cellulite. It should be a four-letter word. The scourge of community pool and the enemy of short-shorts, cellulite has ruined many a swimsuit shopping experience. So, what’s the real deal with cellulite? Does what you eat actually have any effect on cellulite or should you just have Cellfina™ and eat whatever the heck you want? […]

What’s That? RaveBabe Was Named a Top BOTOX® Blog? You Shouldn’t Have!

… but of course, we’re thrilled you did. We do love our (we think) clever little corner of the beauty blogging world here at RaveBabe, and fully admit that BOTOX® is one of our all-time favorite beauty products. As for blogs on BOTOX®, it’s true we do have those in spades. Like 4 Truths about BOTOX® That […]

There’s a Legit Treatment for Stretch Marks, Cellulite & Saggy Skin

You are fabulous and so is your body. Truth. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any annoying habits or pet hates about your own figure, or that you simply need to accept what you’re not so keen on. If we were making a list of unwanted features, it’d be almost guaranteed that you’d […]

3 Old School Skin Care Tricks You May Want to Try This Summer

Ever wonder how your mother or even grandmother always had such glowing skin in those old photos? Turns out, she probably had a few homemade skin care tricks up her sleeve. Here are three throwback summer skin care tips you might want to try to get that gorgeous glow. 1. Eyebrows on Fleek with Castor […]

How to NOT Look Like a Prize Fighter after Getting Facial Fillers

Prize fighters are amazing. They’re tough, strong and ready to give it their all. These are all traits to emulate. The way their faces look after a fight? Not so much. Here’s how to keep your face from looking like you just lost to Ronda Rousey after you get injectable fillers. Lay Off the Pain […]

There’s a Better Way to Look Younger Than a Sheep Placenta Facial

So, you want to look younger? You’re not alone in hating the signs of aging and wanting to do what you can to reclaim your youth, but how far are you willing to go? It’s no secret that there’s a huge number of weird, wonderful and downright disturbing beauty treatments available to those who’re happy […]

Can the Coconut Oil Craze Save Your Skin?

Follow any beauty blog out there right now and you’re bound to come across a bazillion recipes for coconut-oil-inspired face masks, creams, lotions and scrubs. But before you start bathing in coconut oil, you might be wondering if this ingredient is really the miracle cure for every skin problem under the sun. Luckily, we’ve got […]

3 Cray Celebrity Beauty Hacks You Do NOT Want to Try

Celebrities are crazy. We know this. But they always look so good! So, we take to Google and try to find the hacks that make them so gorgeous. Some of them are good; some of them are not so good. There are three over-the-top, weird hacks that you should pass on. 1. Razoring Your Face […]

Maybe You Should Put Down the Coffee Scrub & Try Cellfina™

It’s no secret that cellulite just plain sucks. But to make this pesky problem even worse, there are hundreds of at-home remedies and so-called “miracle” cures for cellulite that just never seem to live up to their claims. So what’s a girl to do? My suggestion, put down the coffee scrubs and apple cider vinegar […]

How to Skip the Snails & Still Do Your Skin a Favor

The latest weird beauty thing to make news is the snail facial. Nope, that is not a type-o. A snail facial is pretty much what it sounds like. People are paying other people to put slimy snails on their faces in hopes of achieving prettier skin. While we’re all for hearing about new cosmetic treatments […]

What Gross Ingredients Are in Your Facial?

Very few people actually embrace the signs of aging, particularly if they start to appear sooner than expected. Whether your aging is premature or definitely in sync with your actual age, there’s a plethora of anti-aging treatments of various kinds available, from both reputable and less than scrupulous sources, some of which are eccentric to […]

You Might NOT Want to Try DIY Microneedling at Home

Microneedling can be a great idea. Microneedling at home, by yourself, without the guidance and steady hands of a skincare professional is not a good idea. It’s a treatment worth exploring, but not one you should try to do yourself. How Does Microneedling Work? Microneedling sounds intimidating, but it can work miracles to smooth lines […]

Can You Get a Beach Body on Your Lunch Break?

Did the warm weather sneak up on you, sending you into panic mode because you’re not quite ready for bikini season? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Luckily, there are tons of confidence-boosting options that can be done in under an hour. So by all means, treat yourself to one of these quick and easy […]

The 4 Things You’re Doing at Night that Hurt Your Skin

Sure, you need your beauty rest to look and feel your best, but if you’re guilty of some of these not-so-desirable bedtime habits, you could be wrecking your skin. Read on to find out if you’re unknowingly hurting your skin while you sleep and how you can fix your nighttime skin care routine. 1. Not […]

4 BOTOX® Truths That Just Might Make You Happy Dance

It’s no secret that BOTOX® injections can go a long way towards tackling those pesky fine lines and wrinkles that can give away your age or, even worse, make you look older than you actually are. Of course, the internet is full of information that may or may not be true, and BOTOX® is no […]

Are You Up for the One-Finger Selfie Challenge?

So, the latest thing in selfies is the one-finger selfie challenge. It originated overseas, borne (like so many weird trends) of an anime artist’s picture of an impossibly skinny girl doing something kind of odd but also sexy. As you may have guessed, it doesn’t involve taking a picture of your finger. For the one-finger […]

Caffeine Tights Anyone? 3 Strange “Fixes” for Cellulite

Cellulite is the bane of our existence. Okay, it might not be the worst thing ever but it’s right up there with spiders and hangnails. Cellulite can strike anyone, regardless of your body type and level of dedication to gym life. Is there any hope? Are there actually any cellulite treatments that work? 1. Caffeine […]

5 Tips to Get that Summer Glow & Rejuvenate Your Skin

Just because the sun is on hiatus for the winter doesn’t mean you have to accept skin care defeat and live with a dry, dull complexion. Follow these five must-know tips to rejuvenate winter skin for smooth, glowing skin all year-round. 1. Ditch Your Long, Hot Showers As heavenly as they might feel, your long, […]

For Best Results, Avoid BOTOX® Bandits

Beware the BOTOX® bandit! No, it’s not a masked villain running around stealing all the BOTOX®, but BOTOX® bandits are actually real, and they are also kind of scary. Here’s what they are and how to spot them. Shady People Are Everywhere Where there are people with money, there are beady-eyed bandits waiting in the […]

How to Make Cellfina™ Your BFF against Cellulite

It’s lumpy. It’s bumpy. And it totally ruins everything. Or at least short shorts, anyway. Hated as it may be, cellulite is a really common and normal thing. You can be the fitness queen of the Western hemisphere and still have cellulite on the back of your thighs. It’s just a fact of life, and […]

Do Your Skin a Favor and Get Naked Already

We spend so much of our time in stuffy, often uncomfortable clothes. So why not take every chance you get and strip down to your birthday suit? Actually, being in the buff has all kinds of awesome benefits for your overall health, especially for your skin. A good skin care regimen, mixed with a little […]

Up Your Poker Game with Strategic BOTOX® Injections

An inability to keep a neutral facial expression under pressure can cause significant problems when playing poker, but how far would you go to achieve the perfect poker face? In order to become unreadable while considering your hand, would you prefer to practice remaining passive, or would you consider investing in a BOTOX® poker face? […]

Boob Masks & Butt Facials: The Weird Side of Skin Care

Sheet masks for your face are so last year – boob sheet masks are where it’s at now, apparently. If a normal skin care routine isn’t enough for you anymore, you may wish to explore some of the more, well, weird and wonderful treatments available. Chocolate facial, anyone? Boob Sheet Masks A sheet mask is, […]

How Can You Prevent Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the death knell of youth. We check the mirror ever day, hoping to find nothing, wincing when we see that line or crack forming along the brow. That’s why there’s no small market for products and treatments that keep those buggers away. How can you prevent wrinkles and have the treatment actually, you […]

How Snapchat Filters Can Mimic Your Med Spa Results

Predicting med spa results or explaining your wishes to a surgeon can be a major pain because – let’s face it – words just won’t do. But did you know that taking heaps of blurred and tiny pictures of celebrities you found on the internet and showing them to a med spa specialist isn’t the […]

A DIY Facelift & Other Things You Shouldn’t Try at Home

People are DIYing everything these days. But a DIY facelift? It’s true. From “face taping” (which is exactly what it sounds like) to a vibrating mouthpiece that promises to make you look younger, there are plenty of DIY facelift methods out there. While these techniques are less costly than having an actual facelift, there’s a […]

Can’t Stand the Election? Escape with a European Facial

Politics can be dirty business, especially during an election season. If the 24 hour news cycle and partisan wrangling make you wish you could leave the country, I’ve got the next best thing to a one-way ticket to Canada: a European facial. Mud on Your Face The thing about all the mud-slinging that happens in […]

3 Spooky Med Spa Treatments You Should Avoid

Med spa treatments can be a great way to give yourself a boost, with popular options including facials, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal. However, with Halloween around the corner, now seems like a good time to warn you off some of the more…spooky…treatments available at various med spas. Avoid a ghoulish experience by staying away […]

Celebrity Cellulite Tricks that Just Don’t Work

“Hail damage,” “cottage cheese” or whatever god-awful term you wish to describe it, we all hate cellulite and would try just about anything to get rid of it. Well, in her infinite wisdom, Kim Kardashian has weighed in on the secret to avoiding cellulite. Kim’s Kure for Cellulite Any modern girl knows that today’s most […]

Maybe Skip the Scarification and Get a Legit Chemical Peel Instead

We are all familiar with the adage “beauty is pain.” You can see it in the determined faces of the women walking into the med spas, teetering atop their stiletto heels, ready to try the latest and greatest trend in beauty. Combine that with the growing acceptance of various body modification, ranging from discreet body […]

Chocolate Facial? Yes Please!

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Now you can enjoy slathering chocolate all over your face with a scrumptious chocolate facial. While this sticky yet delicious-sounding plan may sound like your white sheets’ worst nightmare, a chocolate facial surprisingly has many health benefits for your skin. Chocolate Face Masks How can the same pieces of chocolate that, when […]

Don’t Love Your Resting Angry Face? Here’s 3 Fixes

Anyone ask why you look angry ALL the time? Then you may be a victim of a condition called “resting angry face.” Okay, maybe’s it’s not scientifically a condition, but it should be a concern if children start cowering every time you look at them, afraid of what’s hiding underneath that intimidating glare. The angry […]

3 Really Weird Med Spa Facials

If you want to look your best, there’s no shortage of beauty treatments at your disposal. If a fresh face is one of your top priorities, there’s really nothing that should prevent you from attaining a radiant glow. Variety is the spice of life, and we’ve got a few unique facials for you to consider. […]

Pros and Cons to Letting a Million Bees Sting Your Face

Hollywood never fails to surprise us with their outlandish, over-the-top and insanely extravagant lifestyles. And the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow always seems to be at the top of the list of most pretentious celebrities. From raving about her $15,000 sex toy to her comments about how her life is so much harder than a typical working […]

How BOTOX® Could Heal Your Summer Fling Heartbreak

Once upon a time, the post-breakup period typically involved a truck-sized tub of Ben & Jerry’s, wine and a whole lot of trashy television. In some cases, a trip to the salon was in order to get a new haircut. Nowadays, we’re witnessing an alternative method of coping: Breakup BOTOX®. Finding Your Feet Instead of […]

Isn’t It Time You Tried a Snail Facial?

Who doesn’t love snails? They’re cute, small and… slimy. Okay, so maybe they’re not the world’s most adorable animal, but they’re gaining attention for their skin cleansing capabilities. If you’re brave enough (and can handle a little slime), you might just want to get a quick snail facial. Does It Actually Work? The concept of […]

3 Serious Answers for Your Very Unfunny Laugh Lines

Remember mother’s words of wisdom? “Don’t make that face or it will stay that way!” As it turns out she wasn’t kidding. As you age, the areas of your skin that crease repeatedly can cause lines to become etched into your face, and laugh lines are among the most common. These creases along either side […]

Pucker Up, Buttercup: 2 Ways to Plump Up Your Kisser

First Angelina, then Kim and now Kylie. Big lips are in, and unless you completely refrain from TV or social media you’ve probably had lip envy at some point. Plumped up lips are the hottest trend and scream, “Look at what a hot, sexy goddess I am!” If you were born with a perfectly plumped […]

How to Throw the Best BOTOX® Party

When asked to name your hobbies, does the list include getting BOTOX® injections and partying? If so, it’s time to combine the two and throw your own BOTOX® party with all your besties in the comfort of your own home! Follow these savvy party-planning tips and plan ahead to avoid any wrinkles in your BOTOX® […]

4 BOTOX® Alternatives You Should Definitely Avoid

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last decade, you know that BOTOX® is a popular and effective way to fight wrinkles. This popular injectable has stood the test of time and remains a favorite of skincare professionals and patients alike. However, many alleged alternatives to BOTOX® have surfaced over the years, and some […]

Look Like a Wookiee? Here’s How LHR Can Help

If you ever feel more like Han Solo’s sidekick, blessed with enough hair to make a pelt, you’ve probably tried most hair removal methods. But shaving, waxing and depilatory creams aren’t the most effective methods to help you to lose the Wookiee-look in your quest to feel more human. All that hair may help make […]

3 Quick Beauty Treatments that Deliver Major Results

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? For one reason or another, you may have reservations about plastic surgery, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting results that are pretty darned close. If you’re shying away from a facelift, here are three non-invasive treatments that can alleviate, restore and […]

Dreaming of a Smooth Christmas? Time for Laser Hair Removal!

Getting your man to shave below the collar bone is one thing. Getting him to go back for seconds is another. It’s always just a matter of time until the fuzz returns, and hassle can add to the hesitance. Well, before you toss in the towel along with the hair removal products, you might want […]

Is This the End of Angry Resting Face?

If you or someone you know suffers from angry resting face, relief is in sight. Angry resting face, sometimes known by a more *ahem* rude name, describes how the features of a relaxed face can make someone look angry or annoyed. Although those afflicted with angry resting face are often anything but irate, their scowling […]

Laser Yourself Lovely before the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But whoever said parting was such sweet sorrow somehow missed the dread of reuniting with the friends and loved ones you haven’t seen since last year’s Christmas Eve party. So maybe you got a promotion this year, lost some weight or put down the cocktails (or maybe […]

3 Benefits of BOTOX® Beyond Wrinkles

We’ve all heard of BOTOX®. It’s that scary neurotoxin that ladies use to treat wrinkles, right? Well, kind of. BOTOX® isn’t just one of the many ways to look younger without surgery. It was first developed as a treatment for muscle spasms. The proven medical benefits of BOTOX® are still very real and present. Here […]

The Most Embarrassing Places for Unwanted Hair

Hairy hipstersand aging hippies aside, most people don’t consider themselves avid fans of unwanted body hair. We’ve all seen the Dollar Shave Club commercials and the unsubtle advertising encouraging women to trim. In an era where shaving, waxing and laser hair removal are commonplace, taming that bush or nixing a bit of fuzz is becoming […]

LHR: The Best Way to Zap Away Your Lady ‘Stache?

The lumbersexual look is a big hit for dudes these days. It’s as if the male set under 40 are going with “the more hair, the better” as their mantra, rocking all manner of facial hair. A lot of ladies wouldn’t mind if the same trend was true for them. A Hairy Situation It’s true […]

A Facial for Your… Butt?

There’s no denying that the butt is having a cultural moment. Until JLo burst on the scene several decades ago and flaunted her assets everywhere from dance routines to the red carpet, little attention had been given to the derriere. A lot has changed since then. Baby Got Back The trend pendulum quickly swung from […]

New Lines from Squinting All Summer? How BOTOX® Can Help

So, our only choices in the summer are cowering indoors, allowing our retinas to burn from the blazing sun, or developing crinkly crow’s feet? Great. Of course not! Although squinting is sometimes involuntary, medical science has developed an excellent anti-squinting tool that’s accessible to nearly everyone: BOTOX®! Why We Squint During the sunny summer months, […]

How to Get Arched Brows Like a Cartoon Supervillain

Did you know that Jocelyn Wildenstien is actually a respected and feared superhero? She springs into action when the New York Mayor’s office signals her with a searchlight that projects a scalpel into the night sky. Fact. If you want to be a member of Jocelyn’s Justice League (fellow members: Mickey Rourke and L’il Kim), […]

Laser Hair Removal Down There?

The only part of the body where anyone wants thick and luxurious hair is the scalp. And while you might cringe at the thought of having the hairs surrounding your lady bits ripped mercilessly from their unyielding roots via waxing, you have other options in the form of laser hair removal, even if you want […]

4 Crazy Med Spa Treatments You Should Definitely Avoid

The days of snake oil sales and fountain of youth promises that might do more damage than good are far from over, as evidenced by these four absolutely absurd “beauty treatments.” Eye Color-Changing Treatments Yes, it is possible to get implants that will change your eye color. Unfortunately, they can also blind you. Intended for […]

Hobbit Feet, Female Facial Hair and Other Hairy Situations

We don’t want to suggest that body hair is inherently a bad thing—it provides needed insulation during the winter months, after all. However, if you are a woman who’s routinely mistaken for one of the members of ZZ Top, you probably aren’t exactly burning up the Tinder app. If you’re not pleased with the extremely […]

Ditch the Cottage Cheese for a Cellulite-Free Look

Many women (and a few men) dream of having sleek and shapely thighs that can best be shown off in revealing bikinis. For those who weren’t blessed with naturally smooth bodies that are unmarred by cellulite, we recommend the corrective magic of VelaShape III. What is VelaShape III, you ask? What an excellent question! VelaShape […]

Do You Really Want Your Dentist Delivering Your BOTOX® Injections?

It’s possible—just possible, mind you—that maybe your dentist isn’t the ideal specialist for your decidedly non-dental facial rejuvenation treatment. Actually, BOTOX® is used by the dental profession for pain suppression in the jaw. However, since a licensed medical professional needs minimal specialist training to legally inject BOTOX® cosmetically, in theory, your dentist could start injecting […]

What Do Laser Hair Removal and Kim Kardashian Have in Common?

Body hair and Kim Kardashian are both irritating facts of life that we wish we didn’t ever have to endure. On the upside, as least we have laser hair removal to eliminate body hair. Kim Kardashian… well, we seem to be stuck with her. It turns out that Kim herself is a big fan of […]

3 Ways to Whip Resting Angry Face into Shape

We’ve all heard our mothers/fathers/teachers tell us, “If you keep making that face, it’ll freeze that way!” This, of course, isn’t 100 percent accurate—Jim Carrey is still able to relax his features, despite building an entire career on imitating 9-year-old class clowns, after all. However, common facial reactions to physical and emotional stimuli can cause […]

“Rainbow Pits” and Other Baffling Trends in Body Hair

The “rainbow pit” trend (if it can even be called a trend) isn’t so much sexy as it is a clear sign of mental illness. Why spend time, money, and energy tinting your underarm hair when all you can hope to achieve is a look like you’re head-locking a rodeo clown? When it comes to […]

The Top 3 Weirdest Uses for Plastic Surgery

To the layperson, the entire purpose of plastic surgery is to enhance the appearance. Of course, laypersons were also responsible for the popularity of mom jeans and Justin Bieber’s career, so let’s not put a ton of stock into what the layperson thinks. Plastic surgery can, in fact, be used for a startling variety of […]

Is Home Laser Hair Removal Really a Good Idea?

For years, going to a professional for laser hair removal has been the only option for men and women wanting to permanently eliminate unwanted body and facial hair. However, several new at-home products like Tria are gaining popularity as a do-it-yourself approach to laser hair removal. If we believe the hype, it’s perfectly safe and […]

Are You Too Baby-Faced for BOTOX®?

Don’t be fooled by the highly vocal wave of tree-huggers who insist that people embrace their “natural” beauty, and forego early anti-aging efforts. Next they’ll try to shame us into giving up iPads and toilet paper. While it might seem a smidge hysterical to start getting BOTOX® injections in your 20s, solid arguments can be […]

The Top Tips for Looking Your Radiant Best by Valentine’s Day

If you want your skin to glow as bright as a thousand tealight candles this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to get a move on! Here are a few med spa treatments that will address nearly every issue you might have with your complexion. Laser Skin Rejuvenation Acne, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, […]

5 Smaller Facial Surgeries that Can Make a Big Impact

Many men and women think that a facelift is the only cosmetic procedure that can significantly improve their appearance. However, minor facial surgeries can be an excellent way to bring harmony to your facial features and create a more youthful look. Here are five small facial surgeries that can make a big impact. 1. Eyelid […]

4 Nonsurgical Solutions to Look Your Holiday Party Best

With a full dance card of holiday parties just around the corner (and the immortalized photos that will end up on Facebook immediately afterwards), there’s never a better time of year to think about how to look your best. These four nonsurgical solutions can make the difference between Christmas cheer and bah humbug. 1. BOTOX® […]

Top 3 Myths about Laser Hair Removal

While the colder months are upon us, this may be the perfect time to start your laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal can be an excellent way to permanently get rid of pesky body and facial hair, especially by the time beach season rolls around. Although many who have already undergone LHR swear by this method […]

4 Types of Wrinkles and How to Prevent Them

Lines and wrinkles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each caused by distinct forces: repetitive expressions, gravity, weight fluctuations, decreased circulation and thinning of facial skin are just a few causes of the lines that add years to the face and create a tired appearance. To effectively target lines and wrinkles, it helps to […]

The Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Complexion Imperfections

While a lucky few people are blessed with perfect skin, most of us have trouble areas we’d love to eradicate. Here are four popular procedures that can improve even the trickiest complexion problems to give you the clear, smooth skin you’ve always wanted. 1. Fraxel® Laser Resurfacing Fraxel® Dual is an FDA-approved technology that uses […]

Can Facial Exercises Help You Look Younger?

No one wants to age prematurely, if at all. Although there are many effective ways to keep your skin looking young, are facial exercises one of them? What Are Facial Exercises? Facial exercises can involve repetitive eye, jaw or forehead movements. The idea is to stimulate blood flow in and around the face, theoretically encouraging […]

5 Tips for Looking Your Best on Facebook

Social media can be great for a lot of things like catching up with old friends, sharing interesting articles and growing your network, but it might be a lot less great when it comes to your self-esteem. Thanks to sites like Facebook, you’re under the microscope all the time, and the pressure to always look […]

4 Benefits of a Laser Facial

If you want to restore a healthy, youthful glow to your complexion but you’re not sure you want to commit to the expense or downtime of traditional laser resurfacing treatments just yet, a laser facial may be just what you need. Here are four of the beautiful benefits offered by a laser facial. 1. Evens Out […]

4 Ways BOTOX® Can Boost Your Facelift Results

A facelift can be ideal if you’re unhappy with advanced signs of aging in the lower area of your face, while minimally invasive med spa treatments are typically used for minor lines and wrinkles. Many of my patients don’t realize that surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, some nonsurgical procedures may […]

4 Procedures to Include for More Complete Facial Rejuvenation

When it comes to looking younger, a facelift is far from your only option. Here is a closer look at four procedures that can help extend and complement your facelift results, or can even help turn back the hands of time when used all on their own. 1. BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers Fine lines and […]

3 BOTOX® Treatment Spots that Deliver the Biggest Benefit

BOTOX® can be a wonderful cosmetic treatment for anyone who wants to look younger and subtly refreshed without surgery. Patients and cosmetic surgeons alike love that BOTOX® is quick and affordable and delivers results that lasts for months, all with no downtime. When deciding to get BOTOX®, here are three treatment spots to consider for […]

Can Fraxel® Erase Your Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a common appearance concern for moms in particular, but anyone can suffer from these red or white marks on the skin. Stretch marks are essentially scars that develop due to pregnancy, weight gain or other physical changes that cause the skin to stretch rapidly, such as breast growth during puberty. These bumpy, […]

5 Fashion Tips to Complement Your New Curves

Breast implants can change many things about your lifestyle, but you may not think of how your newly enhanced figure will impact your existing wardrobe. Here are five fashion tips to maximize your new curves. 1. Get a Professional Bra Fitting A professional bra fitting can make a huge difference in the way your clothes […]

3 Fixes When Laugh Lines Aren’t So Funny

While smiling and laughing a lot may be good for your soul, they can also leave behind unsightly laugh lines that you might not find so funny. Luckily, there are several treatment options available to erase those lines, leaving you free to keep on smiling. 1. Restylane® Restylane®, a dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid, is […]

4 Reasons Sleep Is Essential for Skin Health

“I need to get my beauty rest” is a cliché women have used forever to justify a longer snooze. It turns out, there’s scientific evidence to backup the importance of sleep for the overall health and beauty of skin. 1. Lack of Sleep Weakens the Skin’s Natural Defenses Sun damage and exposure to pollutants are […]