Would You Get a Pre-Mommy Mommy Makeover?

By now you’ve probably heard of the mommy makeover, a plastic surgery procedure to help you restore your pre-baby body to its former glory. But have you heard of the pre-mommy makeover? No? Me neither, at least until now. Here’s what you need to know about the pre-mommy makeover and why you should probably (definitely) […]

3 Embarrassing Questions We All Want to Ask about Mommy Makeovers

Let’s cut to the chase. There are some questions about plastic surgery that can feel downright embarrassing to ask in your plastic surgeon’s office, but that doesn’t stop you from reallly wanting to know the answers. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! 1. Is It Normal to Have Excess Skin…Everywhere? The girls hanging a little […]

Would You Book a Mommy Makeover for Your Dog?

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone book a mommy makeover for their pet? Before PETA takes this idea and runs away with it, there are actually a few solid reasons why certain breeds can medically benefit from plastic surgeries like a tummy tuck (or is a technically a breast lift?) When Your Pooch […]

How to Dump the Guilt & Love Your Mommy Makeover

So you’ve decided to get a mommy makeover, picked a plastic surgeon, scheduled a consultation and are anxiously awaiting the big day. And then it happens. The first pangs of guilt set in. Whatever you do, don’t give in to these feelings. Keep reminding yourself of these three totally practical reasons to get your mommy […]

Can You Customize Your Mommy Makeover?

Sometimes it seems like everyone is talking about Mommy Makeovers. We can’t open a magazine without seeing pictures of celebrities who have had one of these procedures done. What makes a Mommy Makeover so special? Why is it suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) quite popular? Our first thought might be that the answers to […]

It’s Not All in Your Head: 4 Mental Perks of Mommy Makeovers

Seeing as you’re thinking about mommy makeover, you’re sure to be more than familiar with how choosing certain procedures can target the bits you hate about your post-pregnancy body. You know that breast implants can add volume, liposuction can remove fat and a tummy tuck can help sort your abs, but what about the emotional […]

Totally Judging If You Take Your Mommy Makeover Too Far

A mommy makeover can be a fantastic way of getting your body back after pregnancy and feeling more like the old you. Dealing with excess fat and loose skin with procedures like liposuction or tummy tuck is totally fine and understandable. What’s not cool is going for some really eccentric, and very unnatural, body modifications […]

Mommy Makeover, So Many New Year’s Resolutions Kept

A mommy makeover can be a fantastic way to get your pre-pregnancy body back, through tummy tuck, breast implants or lift, liposuction or other procedures of your choice. It’s pretty obvious that there will be huge benefits when it comes to your appearance and your self-confidence, but did you know that the benefits of a […]

3 Mommy Makeover Mistakes You Do NOT Want to Make

Ah, the mommy makeover. If women of eras past only knew that it would one day be possible to bring back pre-baby boobs, restore a youthful tummy, and even rebuild our vaginas! We modern ladies have it so good. Be careful, though, mommy makeovers are not infallible. Don’t ruin a good thing by making the […]

Will Plastic Surgery Fix Your Mommy Issues?

Most women are excited about mommy makeover benefits like a flatter stomach and firmer breasts. But what about using plastic surgery as a way to address your inner turmoil? It’s Surgery, Not Psychology Any good plastic surgeon will agree that you need to have healthy expectations. Plastic surgery does offer a way to help you […]

3 Very Unfortunate Limitations of a Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is the absolute hardest job on the planet with the added bonus of zero sick or vacation days. Among women who’ve procreated,mommy makeovers are wildly popular because they can be customized to address the specific ways in which your bundle of joy has pillaged and destroyed your body. A mommy makeover, which often includes […]

Why Every Mom Can Feel Thankful for Mommy Makeovers

Ah, Thanksgiving. The perfect time of year to get together with loved ones, reflect on what we’re thankful for and of course, stuff our faces. (After a big meal, I like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage, personally.) Given that we’re in the season of giving thanks, let’s take a moment to […]

Ready to Lose that Soccer Mom Bod? Here’s How

It’s a dreaded moment for many moms—your kids tell you they want to play soccer, and BOOM. All of a sudden, you’re a soccer mom. Some women wear this like a badge of honor, and others avoid it like the plague. After all, what comes to mind when you envision a “soccer mom”? You’re likely […]

Presenting: The GrandMommy Makeover

Step aside, grey fox! It’s time to shine for the Grey Foxette. (Or would that be a Cougar?) As the years pass by, you may be eyeing your old bikini and considering whether it’s time to retire the beachwear pick up the crochet and. No way. You’re hot. You still got it. But no one […]

Go from Frumpy to Fabulous with a Mommy Makeover

Thanks to the Internet and a culture of oversharing, most of us know what Kim Kardashian looks like naked (and that she can balance a champagne glass on her butt.) In an era where little is left to the imagination, there’s something to be said for a little modesty. But if you scurry out of […]

The Up-Top and Down-Low of Your Mommy Makeover

Yes, we’ve all heard about “mommy makeovers,” the miraculous plastic surgery that restores pre-mommy figures to new mothers. Tummies are tightened, love handles are slimmed, and breasts lifted gloriously high. But what about the face? Of course you’re radiantly happy about the new addition to your family, but age marches on nevertheless. And what about […]

Post-Baby Weight Got You Down? Find a Fix with Body Contouring

Those darned hormones! That darned 7.5 pound baby! It’s like life came along and turned your body into a droopy flour sack that craves Häagen-Dazs® hourly. Fortunately, now that you’ve whelped your little angel, you’ve got tons of options to rescue your figure from the unfortunate side effects of the miracle of birth. Or more […]

3 Oddball Pre-Op Tips before Your Mommy Makeover

You can probably use your common sense to determine what you should and shouldn’t do directly before your mommy makeover—it’s not a great idea to show up on the day of your operation with a massive hangover, for example. However, there are three less obvious things that can also help your procedure and recovery go […]

3 Reasons a Mommy Makeover Means Eye-Popping Curves

Ready to toss out those mom jeans for good and get your curves rockin’ with a mommy makeover? We’ve got three ways this fabulous combination of procedures can get your bod back on track. 1. Whittle Your Waistline A thick midsection can give the appearance of advanced age. Heck, even a relatively slender physique can […]

How to Transform Your Figure from Frumpy Soccer Mom to Grade-A Bombshell Status

What do Jayne Mansfield, Bo Derek, and Brigitte Bardot have in common? Answer: They were never caught in a Wal-Mart wearing hoodies and track pants. But hey, if your body were in the shape you wanted it to be, you probably wouldn’t hide behind sloppy sweats either. If you want to recover the curves you […]

Is It Time to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Groove Back? Here’s How.

Women’s bodies are supposed snap right back into pre-pregnancy condition after childbirth. Also, fairies grant wishes. Here are a few procedures to help bring your sexy back without magical pixie dust. The Saggy Tummy Fix If your 9-month passenger made your belly look more like a full laundry bag than a washboard, abdominoplasty (a tummy […]

Should Your Mommy Makeover Include a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck?

Even after losing all the baby weight, pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s midsection, which is why so many women turn to cosmetic surgery to help them return their figures back to pre-pregnancy form. After deciding between a mommy makeover and a tummy tuck, you’re then faced with figuring out whether to include a […]

How to Customize Your Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is often referred to as a single surgery, but in reality is a combination of cosmetic procedures that work together to meet a single goal: helping you feel great about your figure again following physical changes due to pregnancy and childbirth. Here are a just a few ways you can customize your mommy […]

Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover? 3 Questions to Help You Decide

Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body, causing many women to turn to plastic surgeons in hopes of regaining their pre-pregnancy figure. The mommy makeover is customized to meet each woman’s specific needs, typically combining both a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation, with or without a breast lift and possibly other procedures […]