Would You Have Plastic Surgery to Boost Your Fan Base?

Live streaming seems to be taking over the internet, with a particularly enthusiastic fan base in China. In fact, China is so pumped about live streaming that they’ve taken the concept to a whole new level. One woman, Jing Qi, opted for a five-hour nose job and facial fat injections just to obtain star status […]

How Many Boob Jobs Is Too Many? 11, That’s How Many.

Sometimes it takes more than one shot to get things right. But when it comes to boob jobs, exactly how many is too many? Eleven. Eleven boob jobs is too many boob jobs. That’s exactly how many breast surgeries former glamour model and reality show star Katie Price underwent in just one year, according to […]

Could Hip Replacement Give You a Flatter, Sexier Tummy?

We know what you’re thinking. How the heck can hip surgery give you the beach body you’ve always wanted? Believe it or not, scientists have found a way to develop new joints using stem cells from fat! Those who suffer from arthritis can have new hip joints grown from fat taken from their own stomachs. […]

Your Guide to Looking Like an Alien after Cosmetic Surgery

You do want to look like an alien, don’t you? Who wouldn’t? Big eyes, smooth features, no obvious gender – what’s not to like? If you’re looking for alien plastic surgery tips, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re more of a vanilla cosmetic surgery fan, these tips are for you too. Whatever look […]

3 Mantras to Shoot Down Plastic Surgery Shame

After thinking long and hard about your reasons for wanting plastic surgery, weighing the pros and cons and choosing the right plastic surgeon, the last thing you want to have to deal with is negativity from others about your decision. Whether or not you want to shout from the rooftops that you’re getting plastic surgery […]

How’s Your Underboob Cleavage Looking These Days?

In case you haven’t heard, topside cleavage is out, and under-cleavage is in. But what’s a girl to do if her underboob cleavage game isn’t quite up to par for the latest fashion trends? Don’t panic. Fortunately, breast augmentation can give you the coveted look that’s been popping up all over the red carpet lately. […]

Why You Should Avoid Facial Cupping

As the time comes to start looking for some excellent spring skin care tips, you can always rely on celebrities to come up with something ever so slightly weird and wonderful. Facial cupping, anyone? You’ve probably seen the telltale marks on Michael Phelps’ back as he swims, but did you know that celebrities are using […]

The Weirdest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2017

There’s something incredibly fascinating about weird and wonderful plastic surgery. Sometimes it prompts you to think about how it would work outside of the celebrity world, while other trends are so off-the-wall you can’t even imagine them. 2017 has introduced quite a lot to our repertoire of eccentric plastic surgery, including some unspeakably weird procedures. […]

The Reign of Underboob & One-Night-Only Noses in 2017

Beauty and plastic surgery trends come and go, but some are definitely stranger than others. So far, 2017 has already seen some pretty weird fads. Without further ado, here are four of the most bizarre—and we definitely don’t suggest trying these at home. 1. Underboob You’ve heard of cleavage, right? Well underboob is the exact […]

Why Be Yourself When You Can (Sorta) Be Britney Spears?

Diehard Britney Spears fans will do just about anything, it seems, to defend their beloved idol, even when times were rough (think 2007 bald Britney). But after spending upwards of $80,000 on plastic surgery procedures to look like the pop queen, one fan in particular takes the cake. Oops, I Did It Again There aren’t […]

Exilis: The Best Friend to Get Your Back (and Bra Fat)

Sometimes, looking in the mirror can reveal more than you’d like it see. How many times have you asked yourself “do I REALLY look like that?”. If you think the front view is troubling from time to time, what about the side of yourself you can’t see? If bra fat has you cringing when you […]

Would You Try the Tiny Nipple Trend? Please Say No.

Hey, you. Yes, you there with the great big nipples. Just kidding. There’s nothing wrong with the size of your nipples, but a recent fad has developed and its proponents are trying to convince you otherwise. Yes, people are actually downsizing their nipples. There are plenty of ways to bring out the best in your […]

Are You Up for the One-Finger Selfie Challenge?

So, the latest thing in selfies is the one-finger selfie challenge. It originated overseas, borne (like so many weird trends) of an anime artist’s picture of an impossibly skinny girl doing something kind of odd but also sexy. As you may have guessed, it doesn’t involve taking a picture of your finger. For the one-finger […]

How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Plastic Surgery

As plastic surgery becomes more widely accepted by society and grows in popularity, there are some eccentric procedures popping up. While reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons can provide excellent results which can improve aspects of your life, there are less scrupulous individuals who will perform plastic surgery with few, if any, apparent benefits. Getting Bang for […]

How to Revoke an Itty Bitty Titty Committee Membership

If you thought your Itty Bitty Titty Committee membership was destined to be permanent, think again. The size of your breasts no longer has to keep you feeling down about your curves, or lack thereof. For all those petite women out there considering breast augmentation, here are three breast enhancement options that are sure to […]

Mommy Makeover, So Many New Year’s Resolutions Kept

A mommy makeover can be a fantastic way to get your pre-pregnancy body back, through tummy tuck, breast implants or lift, liposuction or other procedures of your choice. It’s pretty obvious that there will be huge benefits when it comes to your appearance and your self-confidence, but did you know that the benefits of a […]

Timeless or Trendy: Which Look Should You Pick?

What’s your plastic surgery style? Did you know you could even have one? Like shoes and eyebrows, plastic surgery is not immune to fads and trends. Don’t believe it? Look how quickly butt enhancement surgery became a major thing once Kim Kardashian came along. We’re not even saying that’s a bad thing, it just goes […]

Ask for The Ordinary and a Plastic Surgeon Will Thank You

It’s no secret that there are some weird, wonderful and downright strange examples of plastic surgery out there. Forked tongues, elfin ears and wings are all genuine requests received by plastic surgeons, as well as ears called James, which will be expanded upon later. Most reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons will turn down many of the […]

The Ugly & Beautiful Truth about Ditching a Double Chin

Has your double chin been ruining your selfies recently? It’s incredibly annoying when you take what you think will be an amazingly gorgeous photo of your most recent outstanding outfit, only to find that you have more chins than you bargained for. As with many problem areas, there are numerous quick fixes and alternative remedies […]

Can You Preview Your Boob Job?

Everyone’s favorite part of going to the movies is the previews, right? There’s no commitment—we just get excited about what we like. It’s almost a disappointment when the movie starts. Okay, we’re exaggerating a bit. But there’s no getting around the fact that previews are pretty darn important. And not just when it comes to […]

So You Had a Breast Reduction & Want Your Boobs Back

If you had a breast reduction in the past and now miss your boobs, you’re definitely not alone. Big-boobed women who get their breasts reduced at a fairly young age may find that a combination of weight changes, babies and aging means they fall out of love with their smaller chest. If you find yourself […]

3 Plastic Surgery Christmas Gift Ideas

A plastic surgery Christmas gift? When you think about it, plastic surgery is just the right size and you don’t have to worry about wrapping it. It’s actually NBD to give (or get) plastic surgery as a present. Here are three of the top gift ideas if you’re dreaming of a plastic surgery Christmas. 1. […]

Should You Surgically Change the Color of Your Eyes?

Have you ever wished that your eyes were a different color? Would you prefer blue, green, hazel or brown? There are some unusual cosmetic surgery options available and one of them involves permanently changing your eye color by having artificial irises implanted. There are, of course, less invasive ways of changing the color of your […]

Don’t Love Your Belly Button? You’re Not Alone

Innie, outie or otherwise, chances are you aren’t too big on your belly button. It turns out that a lot of people want to change the way their belly buttons look. What Makes Our Belly Buttons Look Like They Do? No two belly buttons are exactly the same. Just like that freakishly long second toe, […]

Should You Take Vacation Boobs for a Test Drive?

In the age of Snapchat, the idea of “now you see it, now you don’t” isn’t that unusual. Can this concept carry over to your breasts, though? Apparently, the answer is yes. And we’re not talking about legit alternatives to breast augmentation, like push-up bras. There’s a new procedure that promises to increase your breast […]

Should You Give Mommy & Me Plastic Surgery a Chance?

Mommy-daughter plastic surgery is already a weird idea, but this family takes it to the next level. To sum up: Mother & daughter both want to look like model Katie Price Daughter is a stripper with a sugar daddy who’s subsidizing their boob jobs Correction: daughter is looking for a new sugar daddy, because the […]

Is Ab Crack the New Thigh Gap?

If you’ve been trying in vain to whittle away your thighs in order to obtain the coveted thigh gap, I’ve got news for you. Thigh gaps are so 2015, so you can give up that impossible dream. After all, achieving space between your upper thigh area isn’t anatomically possible for all women, and I’ve got […]

How to Become Fluent in Boob Job Buzzwords

Don’t know your Frankenboobs from your gummy bears and your unders from your overs? Here’s a quick guide to boob job buzzwords to get you up to speed on the jargon of breast implants. BA Short for breast augmentation, or enlarging the breast by inserting breast implants. Boobie Greed Post-surgery worry that you haven’t gone […]

4 Plastic Surgeries Perfect for Your Beauty Bucket List

A bucket list gives us something to look forward to. And a beauty bucket list only sweetens the deal! What could be better than planning for a little nip and tuck to help fine-tune your look? If you need some inspiration for what to add to your beauty bucket list, we’ve got you covered. Read […]

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures to Rock Your Belfie

We’ve all taken selfies, whether we want to admit it or not, and many of us have filtered them, cropped them and added the finished product to our various social media accounts. However, selfies are now a little passé and are being overtaken by the belfie. For the uninitiated, that’s a selfie of your butt […]

4 Weird Plastic Surgery Procedures You Should Avoid

In this world of weird and wacky, there’s a fair share of weird plastic surgery procedures that defy both sense and reason. Here’s a brief look into the strange procedures people elect to have to change their appearance, whether for the better or for other unknown reasons. 1. Eyelash Transplants At face value, eyelash transplantation […]

A DIY Facelift & Other Things You Shouldn’t Try at Home

People are DIYing everything these days. But a DIY facelift? It’s true. From “face taping” (which is exactly what it sounds like) to a vibrating mouthpiece that promises to make you look younger, there are plenty of DIY facelift methods out there. While these techniques are less costly than having an actual facelift, there’s a […]

Is Cinderella Surgery the Fairy Godmother You Need?

We all know the story of Cinderella and how the perfect outfit transformed her life from rags to riches in little more than an instant. With that in mind, is there any wonder that many of us have wished for our own Cinderella moment, resulting in the creation of a variety of Cinderella surgery? As […]

Would You Drop a Boatload of Cash to Look Fake?

And then there are blokes like James Holt and Jordan James Parke. Obviously not fans of the “less is more” adage, these two fellas have taken it to the max, spending tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures to purposefully make themselves look fake. A Family of Muses Of course, the urge to drop […]

4 Scary Plastic Surgeries to Skip This Halloween

Some plastic surgery procedures, like body contouring and breast augmentation, can be a great way to boost your confidence and improve your appearance. Others, however, are just plain scary. Here are 4 fantastically frightening plastic surgeries you should definitely plan to skip this Halloween. 1. Ear Pointing Ear pointing sits high on the list of […]

Does Your Tattoo Need a Boob Job?

What could possibly be better than a curvaceous, scantily-clad pinup girl permanently tattooed on your skin? Why, a pinup girl with a boob job, of course! Or at least that’s what one Canadian man has decided, anyway. Isn’t it time your tattoos got a little plastic surgery? No, Really, His Tattoo Has Breast Implants Lane […]

How Far Would You Go for the Perfect Belfie?

We all remember that moment when, bless her heart, Kim Kardashian was said to have broken the internet with her big juicy booty. Some would say it was the butt that launched a thousand belfies, with men and women the world over scrambling to capture their assets with their smart phones. Deciphering Belfie Culture In […]

Plastic Surgery to Help Twins Look Less Identical?

Most people love the idea of having a twin. Just imagine: an identical version of yourself who can pretend to be you when you can’t or don’t want to show up. Your twin could ace your driving test for you, go on your job interview, or even escort your date to prom. Many movies have […]

Can We Please Stop Discussing Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Whether it’s J-Lo, Courtney Love or, most recently, Iggy Azalea, the internet has run amok with speculation and sometimes even downright rude comments about whether or not certain stars have had “work done.” But while one could argue that these celebs have made a life for themselves in the limelight, why are we so obsessed […]

3 Bizarre Ways You May Not Want to Get Bigger Boobs

As humans, our thirst for ingenuity is unquenchable, and that’s led to some pretty amazing developments. We have driverless cars, data that can travel at almost the speed of light and spaceships that explore the far corners of the universe. And we’re just as fixated on tinkering with our own bodies, which has resulted in […]

Celebrity Cellulite Tricks that Just Don’t Work

“Hail damage,” “cottage cheese” or whatever god-awful term you wish to describe it, we all hate cellulite and would try just about anything to get rid of it. Well, in her infinite wisdom, Kim Kardashian has weighed in on the secret to avoiding cellulite. Kim’s Kure for Cellulite Any modern girl knows that today’s most […]

How to Look Like Your Own Caricature

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably commissioned your share of those funny, cartoonish caricature drawings that tend to highlight your, ahem, biggest features. But what happens when you want to much more closely resemble that large-chested, full-lipped image staring up at you from a piece of oversized paper? Well, you could shell out […]

Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Blow-Up Doll?

There are those of us who are relatively comfortable in our own skin, plus or minus a few things here and there. We may choose to have plastic surgery to help us fine-tune what Mother Nature gave us, and there’s certainly no harm in accentuating the positive. Why Look Human When You Can Look Like […]

Identical Twins, Identical Boob Jobs?

They share the same parents, the same face and often the same mannerisms. Some people even claim they can read each other’s thoughts. Identical twins can be downright fascinating, not to mention fun (especially when one pretends to be the other to get out of taking a test.) And one pair of twins has taken […]

Is Sitting Going to Be the Death of Your Perky Butt?

It seems like everyone is hating on sitting these days. Sitting could be hazardous to your health in a myriad of ways, scientists say. Muscle degeneration? Check. High blood pressure? Elevated cholesterol? Back pain? A higher risk of dying? Check. Check. Check. As if you need another reason to get moving, experts are saying sitting […]

Trying to Cheat Fate? There’s a Plastic Surgery for That

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a fortune teller at the carnival and had your palm read, you might know that your hand foretells your fate. For those of you who’ve never sat down with a psychic or paid money to a palm reader, you could be missing out on vital information regarding your destiny. What […]

Are You a Celeb-Obsessed Fan Looking to Level Up?

Obsessed with being Lara Croft? No, not being an actual tomb raider, but having Lara’s curvy features, pouty lips and too-big-for-that-tank-top breasts? Then put that controller down, and level up your life to look like your favorite celebrity through plastic surgery. Queen Bey Go from flat and frumpy to fierce and fabulous to look like […]

3 Things NOT to Do with Breast Implants

Breast implants can be many things for many women. They can boost self-esteem, promote a positive body image and enhance your lovely natural curves. But there are a few select things that they can’t do for you, despite a few extreme cases where some women have tried to do these outrageous three things with theirs. […]

Would You Be Cool with Snapchatting Your Boob Job?

Thanks to social media, we now live in a world where absolutely nothing is sacred, privacy is nonexistent and oversharing is a way of life. Maybe you’ve posted your fair share dinner entrée pics, drunken snapchats or duck-face selfies, but exactly how far would you go to continue your quest to overshare with the masses? […]

Should You Quit Work to Get Plastic Surgery Full-Time?

So, you hate your job? Maybe you should quit and have plastic surgery as a full-time job. Pixee Fox (nope, probably not on her birth certificate) is from Sweden, and her official, allegedly-legitimate and super-dignified job title is, try not to laugh, “plastic surgery model.” In Search of Cartoon Perfection Ms. Fox started her transformation […]

Cosmetic Surgery for Your Naughty Bits?

Gravity is the ruling force of the universe. We have gravity to thank for keeping the planets in orbit, for preventing Mars from colliding into Earth, and for dragging our naughty bits down to our knees. If that last example makes no sense to you, you’re too young to understand, and it’s in your best […]

Would You Spend Your Inheritance to Look Like Miss Piggy?

What do Beyonce, Jessica Rabbit and Miss Piggy all have in common? British woman Lauren Boaten is the living embodiment of the three beauties. (Miss Piggy’s beauty may be lost on you, but Kermit was no fool.) Making Wishes Come True Through the magic of plastic surgery and a hefty sum of money she inherited […]

Really? Plastic Surgery for Your Pooch?

If you think Americans are obsessed with plastic surgery, wait until you hear how far South Koreans are taking the nipping and tucking trend. Apparently, puppy plastic surgery is on the rise in this far away land, which leaves us like, “Say what?!?” We Can’t Make This Stuff Up… If you’re already scratching your head, […]

Would a Goddess Get Plastic Surgery?

The Roman gods and goddesses are an ancient, fascinating group that still captivate our attention and seem to be at the center of a major motion picture every few years. With all their backstories and incest and drama, they truly are a soap opera that has stood the test of time. Venus has always been […]

Should You Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like Your Favorite Animal?

You know those people who take things a little too far? OK, a lot too far. Like the guy named Leppard who spent way too much money to get a body’s worth of leopard-print tattoos? Or the real-life cat woman who had some work done to make her face look like the jungle cats her […]

What’s the Age Cut-Off for Plastic Surgery?

If you haven’t had a boob job, a nose job and maybe a little lipo is thrown in for good measure by the time you’ve finished college, you’ve missed your chance, right? Before you start feverishly researching plastic surgeons in your area who can fit you in before you turn 40, hold your horses. They’re […]

Is Cheap Plastic Surgery Ever Worth It?

How do you feel about being scarred for life? Or saddled with lopsided boobs? Or having to pay for revision surgery to straighten out a botched job? That bargain-basement liposuction isn’t so cheap if you have to pay for it twice. The obvious answer is that mega-cheap plastic surgery is never worth it, for many […]

Got an Eiffel Tower Nose? Want One?

Having plastic surgery on a certain part of the body to make yourself look like a celebrity is old news. We’re talking to you Ms. Give-Me-A-Kim-K-Booty and Ms. Make-My-Boobs-Like-Kate-Upton’s. These days, world-famous monuments are one of the newest inspirations for nipping and tucking, and France’s iconic Eiffel Tower is at the top of that list. […]

Did the Red Carpet Reveal Too Many Plastic Surgery Secrets?

February is red carpet season, when the stars come out to shine in their couture fashion and gleaming smiles. Though their glamour may seem effortless, most celebrities spend months preparing for the moment. Personal trainers and chefs whip them into shape while us common folk sit around eating bread. Before the big day, many stars […]

Your Votes for Most Popular Plastic Surgery Trends Are In!

The data crunchers at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have finally finished their work and brought us the top procedures of 2105. We know you’re dying to know what’s on the list, so let’s get to it. Lift Me Up Lifts, lifts and more lifts were up giant percentages from 2000. Breast lifts up […]

What We Can All Learn from Tacky Plastic Surgery

What would we do without all the wonderful life lessons we learn from the stars and starlets of Hollywood? Don’t use heroin, don’t make a sex tape, don’t have an affair with your hot nanny, don’t hire a hot nanny, yada, yada, yada. The legendary Walk of Fame is paved with cautionary tales we can […]

Is Calf Reshaping the Next Plastic Surgery Trend?

If you’ve ever gazed down at your legs and thought longingly, “What I really need is a pair of shapelier calves,” you’re in luck. What began as a much-needed scar treatment for burn victims has since evolved to meet a range of critical beauty needs. Fat grafting has finally come to the rescue of chicken […]

Should You Rush to the Plastic Surgeon Post-Partum?

You created and sustained life for 9 months. You endured indescribable pain to bring this baby from your belly out into the world. But never mind all that. The amazing feats of the female body and the new human it created don’t matter if you have a pooched tummy and droopy breasts. For shame, woman. […]

Is Plastic Surgery the Last Step after Weight Loss?

Remember when you used to reward yourself for finishing off your to-do list with a delicious bowl of ice cream? Heck no. You busted your buns of steel to get to your goal weight, and comfort food is a thing of the past. But maybe a little bit of self-reward in other forms could do […]

From Pre-Op to Pin-Up: A Step-By-Step Guide

So you’re ready to level up on curves a la Marilyn Monroe, and are looking to add some va va voom to your lovely lady lumps? There are a few things you can do ahead of time to make sure your experience is the cat’s pajamas. (People still say that, right?) Meet and Greet First, […]

Breakup Got You Down? Try Revenge Plastic Surgery!

Assuming that the reason for your breakup wasn’t because of your reluctance to get cosmetic surgery, revenge plastic surgery might be a creative way to let your ex know how willing you are to make him/her feel like crap. In all seriousness, don’t get cosmetic surgery specifically to affect your ex. Chances are, your ex […]

Why Plastic Surgery and Reality TV Shouldn’t Mix

Whether it’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, following a family with way too many kids or ogling with a mixture of loathing and envy at some teenager’s Super Sweet 16, reality TV shows are good for a lot of things. Besides, well, showing actual reality. In fact, most reality TV shows seem so far from […]

Sorry, Beauty Isn’t in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is fact. If the world were blind, we’d still distinguish the beautiful from the ugly by an elaborate system of physical groping. Breast augmentation procedures would soar. Regardless of country, culture, or race, there are definite commonalities among human beings with regard to the appreciation of physical attractiveness. Because we all have a hard-wired […]

Bullied Teen? Just Get Plastic Surgery!

Just because your 13-year-old swears that if she doesn’t have Selena Gomez’s nose, she’s going to be a future-less social pariah, it doesn’t mean your first instinct should be to make an appointment for her with your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon. Not that we’re discounting the very real and very painful bullying that goes on […]

Online Plastic Surgeon Reviews—How Useful?

What did we do before we had the Internet?  What better resource to help you figure out where to get a pizza late at night, find a new hairdresser or…evaluate the strengths of a plastic surgeon? Yes and no.  Online reviews of plastic surgeons can be helpful if you’re considering a cosmetic procedure.  But in […]

4 Nonsurgical Solutions to Look Your Holiday Party Best

With a full dance card of holiday parties just around the corner (and the immortalized photos that will end up on Facebook immediately afterwards), there’s never a better time of year to think about how to look your best. These four nonsurgical solutions can make the difference between Christmas cheer and bah humbug. 1. BOTOX® […]

Recreating the Nipple in Breast Reconstruction

When women think about reconstruction after breast cancer, the idea of recreating a nipple often comes as an afterthought. In most cases, a plastic surgeon can recreate a physical nipple prominence as part of the reconstruction process. These reconstructed nipples do not have normal nipple sensation or changes in prominence with temperature or stimulation. To […]

3 Ways to Avoid “Scary” Cosmetic Surgery Results this Halloween

Despite the media being saturated these days with horror stories of “plastic surgery gone wrong,” the truth is that, when performed well, cosmetic surgery can subtly and naturally improve your appearance. Rather than looking like a bad Halloween mask, here are a few ways you can see the best possible results after your procedure. 1. […]

4 Procedures to Include for More Complete Facial Rejuvenation

When it comes to looking younger, a facelift is far from your only option. Here is a closer look at four procedures that can help extend and complement your facelift results, or can even help turn back the hands of time when used all on their own. 1. BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers Fine lines and […]

3 Key Elements for a Successful Facelift

A facelift is one cosmetic surgery procedure that’s particularly challenging to perform well. When patients come to me for a facelift, I look at three elements to create beautiful results that help them feel younger and refreshed without looking overdone. 1. Patient Candidacy The best candidates for a facelift are in good health overall and […]

4 Ways Liposuction Alternatives Fall Short

We all know that taking the easy way out is generally not the ideal method for getting superior results from nearly any endeavor. The same holds true for nonsurgical alternatives to traditional tumescent liposuction. Here are a few reasons I urge my patients to go for the real thing if beautiful body contouring results are […]

5 Fashion Tips to Complement Your New Curves

Breast implants can change many things about your lifestyle, but you may not think of how your newly enhanced figure will impact your existing wardrobe. Here are five fashion tips to maximize your new curves. 1. Get a Professional Bra Fitting A professional bra fitting can make a huge difference in the way your clothes […]

3 Fixes When Laugh Lines Aren’t So Funny

While smiling and laughing a lot may be good for your soul, they can also leave behind unsightly laugh lines that you might not find so funny. Luckily, there are several treatment options available to erase those lines, leaving you free to keep on smiling. 1. Restylane® Restylane®, a dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid, is […]

3 Reasons Honesty Matters in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery patients’ hopes can run especially high. This is often because of the promise of dramatic transformation that’s offered by plastic surgery, combined with some people’s tendency to downplay body contouring as major surgery. As a plastic surgeon, it is part of my job to help make sure my patients’ expectations are in line […]

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

By: Dr. Glenn M. Davis, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon When it comes to wanting to look your best, of course you want to choose the best plastic surgeon for your procedure. Yet, the idea of finding the right one for you can feel intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Here are three […]

The 3 Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments

Since the dawn of time, men and women have been willing to subject themselves to some very curious cosmetic treatments in an effort to look their best. Although most men and women in Denver are practical enough to prefer traditional plastic surgery over the latest fad, here’s a look at some of the most bizarre […]

Are You Connecting with Your Plastic Surgeon?

Being right at the heart of the entertainment industry means you’re never really more than a stone’s throw away from a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles no matter where you are in your workday or playtime. The problem here isn’t finding a qualified surgeon; it’s in finding someone you feel comfortable with. How can you […]

Plastic Surgery for Professional Reasons

As a plastic surgeon in Denver, I regularly see the cosmetic effects that occur from living sporty, rugged lifestyles in the arid mountain climate. Premature aging is not uncommon, and having medical spa treatments to correct sun damage, fine lines and other imperfections is on the rise, particularly considering today’s competitive job market. The Realities […]

Are Plastic Surgery Patients Becoming More Educated?

Lately I’ve noticed that more and more visitors to my plastic surgery practice are doing a lot of their own heavy lifting before they walk in the door. Women come armed with all kinds of knowledge about breast implant sizes and options, while men are ready with questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic and body contouring. What’s made […]

3 Steps for Summer Skin Protection

Up here in the Mile High City, Denver locals are at far greater risk for skin-damaging UV rays than those who live at lower altitudes. With summer in full swing, it’s not a second too soon to be thinking about skin protection. Although at our medical spa offers BOTOX® Cosmetic and other injectables can be used to […]