Easiest Nose Job Ever

Did You Say Something About Your Nose? You probably hate it when your nose sticks out. You go to all the trouble of looking cute (makeup, hair, clothes) and all anyone looks at is your nose. You feel like you may as well be a couple of nostrils walking around on two legs, like some […]

3 Bizarre Ways You May Not Want to Get Bigger Boobs

As humans, our thirst for ingenuity is unquenchable, and that’s led to some pretty amazing developments. We have driverless cars, data that can travel at almost the speed of light and spaceships that explore the far corners of the universe. And we’re just as fixated on tinkering with our own bodies, which has resulted in […]

How to Break the News about Your Brand New Boobs

Remember the old days when you didn’t know how old your mom was, or what your parents were doing when they unexpectedly decided to take a “nap” together? Why can’t we have those days back? Well, we can’t. In an era of openness and transparency, we can no longer expect to waltz back into OUR […]

Is Your Smartphone Making You Look Old?

It seems as though there is no force on earth that would cause us to stop focusing on our smartphones while ignoring everything else around us. However, we might have stumbled upon the only side effect that could cause the love affair to end. They’re making us look old! Noooooooo… Yes. Yes It Is. Constantly […]

Finally, There’s Help for the Hung-Like-a-Hamster Crowd

Men who don’t have a whole lot going on downstairs are sometimes vexed by their shortcomings. Although their lack of endowment isn’t immediately apparent to the general public (thank God for pants), the prospect of the “reveal” can be stressful nonetheless. Don’t worry, littler guys—help is finally here! This injection directly into your spongy erectile […]