Give the Glitter a Rest & Put Some Real “Sparkle” in Your Vajayjay

Vagina glitter is the new weird vaginal beautification trend. Maybe not quite as horrifying as putting wasps in your vajayjay, but weird nonetheless. We take a strong “don’t put glitter in your hoo-ha” stance. Here’s why you should steer clear of the vagina-sparkle fad and opt for something that will do a heck of a […]

Ladies, Potpourri Is NOT the “Improvement” Your Vajayjay Needs

We are all for self-improvement, even when it comes to your vajayjay. But there’s a line, and we think these herbal vagina detox balls have totally crossed it. Apparently little mesh bags full of herbs and blossoms aren’t just for making tea anymore. Now, you can put them inside your vagina! But, is this actually […]

These Tips Might Tighten Your Vajayjay… or You Could Just Try Geneveve™

Aging, childbirth or the genetic lottery left you with unfulfilled vajayjay dreams? If you yearn for tighter and more toned ladybits, you’ll find plenty of advice on how to get there. Of course, most of this advice is terrible and should not be listened to (yes, websites telling women to put strange objects in their […]

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Put Wasps in Your Vajayjay

While it might seem like it goes without saying that you shouldn’t put crushed up wasp nests in your vagina, this outlandish new vaginal tightening craze is apparently picking up some speed. If the thought of letting wasps anywhere near your lady bits isn’t enough to scare you away from this faux-treatment, please, let me […]

O-Shot? Filler? Crotch Lift? The Vaginal Rejuvenation You Haven’t Tried

Do you want your vagina to look and feel great? Good. You should. Now don’t go having some ridiculous procedure that doesn’t work in an effort to achieve better orgasms, better-looking genitals or comfort from a lax vagina. There are a lot of treatments on the market that don’t work. Here’s what to avoid and […]

That Shot for Your G-Spot? Probably Not Worth the Hype

Your love interest having trouble finding your G-spot? That’s an easy one—inject it with collagen to make it more findable! Er, not. Maybe skip the G-spot shot and try Geneveve™ or labiaplasty to enhance your sex life instead. The Truth about G-Spot Shots Sure, the idea sounds reasonable enough. If your G-spot is currently the […]

So Apparently Fake Camel Toes Are a Thing

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, one of the Kardashian sisters strikes again. This time, it’s Khloe who’s making headlines with her new fashion trend—the fake camel toe. Wait, What? That’s right, Khloe Kardashian has put a weird twist on an embarrassing problem for lots of women. In case you’re still not sure, […]

Can You Get a Beach Body on Your Lunch Break?

Did the warm weather sneak up on you, sending you into panic mode because you’re not quite ready for bikini season? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Luckily, there are tons of confidence-boosting options that can be done in under an hour. So by all means, treat yourself to one of these quick and easy […]

The Most Embarrassing Problem that Geneveve™ Can Help

Ladies, let’s address the elephant in the room. The so-called “queef,” or vaginal flatulence, if you prefer, happens to the best of us, albeit some more than others. That’s because vaginal laxity, which is common after childbirth or even the natural aging process, can trap more air in your lady bits than usual. And what […]

Why You Definitely Shouldn’t DIY Vaginal Rejuvenation

We’re all for pampering lady bits and even working them out with some regular Kegel exercises, but there’s a new DIY vaginal rejuvenation method in town that we suggest staying away from, unless burning your vajay sounds like fun. Vagacial, Anyone? Yes, the so-called “vagacial” (think facial for your vagina) is a very real thing, […]

Put Down the Jade Egg, Your Vagina Deserves Better

Gwyneth Paltrow has dished out her fair share of weird and wonderful health and wellbeing advice over the years, some of which is useful and some which should be completely ignored. One which most certainly falls into the second category is inserting jade eggs into your vagina to improve your sex life and wellbeing. It […]

Would You Book a Steam Facial for Your Vagina?

We all know that vaginas are magical body parts that can clean themselves, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like yours could do with a little helping hand from time to time. Given that you’ve lived with your vagina for some time, you’ve probably learned that it’s best to steer clear of soaps and […]

Would You Get a Vajacial? A Vattoo? Do Some Vajazzling?

Not super happy with the way your vagina looks? You’re not alone. Women are doing some pretty creative things to their lady parts these days. It probably has a lot to do with the trend toward genital hairlessness. Could our grandmothers have predicted that vaginas would one day have their own fashion trends? Vajacial, Anyone? […]

3 Vaginal Rejuvenation Myths You Should Ignore

Back in the day, plastic surgery was sort of a taboo subject and nobody really talked about having work done. Today, it’s so mainstream that people are crowdfunding their plastic surgery. Despite this accepting new attitude, there are some vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty myths that persist. Let’s put three of them to rest right now. […]

Should Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Include Labia Puffing?

Whether you’ve never cared for the shape of your lady parts or you just want to restore them to their previous glory, vaginal rejuvenation can be the answer. Much like snowflakes, no two vaginas are alike. Different procedures can correct different issues, which is really great. But what’s all this about labia puffing? Yes, Labia […]

Crowdfunding Your Labiaplasty Is Just Awkward, Right?

The sharing economy is kind of a big deal these days. Want to go on holiday but a little short on airfare? Set up a GoFundMe campaign! Need the cash to create that zombie coloring book you’ve been planning? Kickstarter’s the way to go! Asymmetrical labia got you down? Ask your friends on social media […]

For Sleeker Labia, Just Ask for the Barbie Treatment

While labiaplasty isn’t exactly new, a more modern take has been growing in popularity. The procedure, affectionately referred to as the “Barbie,” takes the idea behind labia reduction one step further. Before you request the sleek, smooth finish for which the Barbie is known, here’s what you need to know. More than Just a “Trim” […]

3 Really Bad Reasons to Consider Labiaplasty

There are all sorts of reasons to get labiaplasty, including improved self-esteem, reduced discomfort and a better sex life. But if you’re thinking about springing for this procedure for any of the following reasons, you might want to reevaluate your motives. 1. To Look Great in Trendy Yoga Pants Yoga pants are everywhere, and every […]

Finally, a Forever Solution to that Pesky Camel Toe!

So there you are in yoga class, decked head to toe in your yoga gear, ready to root down and strike a pose. You focus on your breath just as your instructor tells you to, inhaling peace and exhaling all of the mental clutter that doesn’t serve you, when you catch sight of your reflection […]

Should You Give Your Vajajay a Vampire Treatment?

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom and have £800 you’re anxious to get rid of, why not saunter into Dr. Daniel Sister’s Clinic and have a Vajacula treatment? Because it sounds like the worst possible cross between a horror film and your lady bits? Fair enough. But what if the technology could […]

Making Over Your Mommy-Maker

If bikini waxing or vajazzling aren’t enough to make you confident about the looks of your lady bits, there’s always the option of genital rejuvenation. These surgical and nonsurgical procedures designed just for girl parts can address virtually all aesthetic (and even a few medical) issues you could possibly imagine. Vaginal Rejuvenation Vaginal rejuvenation—it sounds […]

You Want to Steam Your WHAT?

Here’s a trend that combines dubious promises of internal harmony with pretty solid indignity: vaginal steaming. What is a v-steam, you might ask? It’s a purportedly delightful process that involves sitting or squatting on top of a simmering tea, of sorts, that supposedly offesr cleansing and purifying properties. And since it’s a service that’s been endorsed […]

4 Ways to Pretty Up the “Downstairs” for V-Day

Because when you present your genitals to your beloved, you want them to be as selfie-ready as possible. Welcome to the 21st century! Sexy Lingerie The French have the right idea about underwear. Yes, plain cotton panties are fantastic for every day, but romance requires a soupcon of extra effort. Depending upon what sort of […]

Does Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Really Work?

For many women, the idea of vaginal rejuvenation is appealing, yet thinking about undergoing surgery in this most intimate of areas can feel somewhat intimidating. In order to resolve this concern, a laser-based approach to vaginal rejuvenation has lately caused a lot of buzz. Can a nonsurgical alternative deliver equally effective results? Laser Rejuvenation The […]