Laser skin resurfacing can be amazing, but can also be quite expensive, so those gadgets and gizmos designed to let you do it yourself at home may seem like a win-win solution. You—in theory—get the results you’re looking for, you save cash and you don’t even need to go out to do it. (Especially if you’re a fan of online shopping!) The thing is, there’s probably a good reason why those med spa technicians spent so long training…

Great Laser Skin Resurfacing Now Playing Near You

When you open that browser and start to look into how technology can help you combat acne scars, sun damage and more, instead of searching for DIY devices, make your search term "laser skin resurfacing near me." Yeah, so it might cost you more and it might be a bit of a pain getting to a reputable med spa but, dude, this is your FACE. Do you really think your hand is steady enough (and your view in the mirror is good enough) to treat your precious mug with the care and respect you deserve?

There are times and places to save money, but "cheap and cheerful" doesn’t apply when it comes to combining lasers and skin.

Choosing a Laser Skin Resurfacing Provider

Once you know which laser skin resurfacing clinics are near you, make sure you work with a reputable provider. Work your way through those "laser skin resurfacing near me" results, then cross-ref against the websites for qualifications, experience and testimonials and—finally—book an initial consultation with the best choice. Once that's done, use that home laser for the only thing it’s good for – teasing your cat!


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